Welcome to the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, ranked nationally in the top tier of schools of public policy and management. For those who wish to actively shape public policy and the democratic tradition, the Evans School is a vibrant community offering many opportunities for learning, research, professional development, and public engagement.

Whether you are a prospective student, administrator, public or nonprofit leader, joining the Evans School means becoming a member of a well-established, highly skilled professional community. The faculty, administration, practitioner instructors, and student body have all been selected for their commitment to excellence, their record of innovative thought and performance, and their ability to work across political lines. While every member of our community works to accomplish different objectives, we share the goal of serving the common good, finding real solutions to real problems, and measuring success by our actions in public and nonprofit service.

Across the nation and the world, the scope of public life is being redefined. Changes in the economy, environment, social welfare, population, and technology are making the challenges we face as a society increasingly complex. One result is a blurring of the boundaries that have traditionally separated the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. Thus, our society needs innovative thinkers and highly skilled communicators who can lead successful collaborations within and across these sectors. Our graduates serve in a wide variety of roles: elected officials, public agency directors, policy and budget analysts, community organizers, policy advocates for environmental and social policy issues, international development professionals, researchers, and nonprofit leaders and managers.

For more than 50 years, members of the Evans School community have been learning from one another how to approach public policy analysis and management in a rational, efficient, and equitable manner. We also work together to build each person’s capacity for leadership. Two qualities consistently characterize the most inspiring leaders in our society: the ability to hold the vision and optimism that we can make our communities and environment a better place; and the ability to communicate that vision to the public, effecting real change in attitudes and institutions.

The Evans School is proud of all of its graduates and faculty who have become those leaders. I hope you will join us.

Sandra O. Archibald
Dean and Professor