Benefit-Cost Analysis Center

The core aim of the Benefit-Cost Analysis Center is to improve the understanding and use of benefit-cost analysis (BCA) as a decision-making tool. Our research and outreach is geared toward:

  • Improving and standardizing benefit-cost analysis methodology
  • Strengthening relationships between institutions that use it
  • Disseminating information about its use and misuse
  • Expanding its use when appropriate

We accomplish this by supporting the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis, convening with a variety of government agencies and academic professionals who use benefit-cost analysis in their work, and publishing academic papers on benefit-cost analysis methodology.

Find out more about what benefit-cost analysis is, check out our conferences, or read draft papers on principles and standards. You can also contact us at or 206.616.4090.

Professor Zerbe Authors Article on

"Using benefit-cost analysis (or its equivalent, cost-benefit analysis) to evaluate projects not only increases the value of government spending, but increases equity as well."

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