Benefit-Cost Analysis Center

The core aim of the Benefit-Cost Analysis Center is to improve the understanding and use of benefit-cost analysis (BCA) as a decision-making tool. Our research and outreach is geared toward:

  • Improving and standardizing benefit-cost analysis methodology
  • Strengthening relationships between institutions that use it
  • Disseminating information about its use and misuse
  • Expanding its use when appropriate

We accomplish this by supporting the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis, convening with a variety of government agencies and academic professionals who use benefit-cost analysis in their work, and publishing academic papers on benefit-cost analysis methodology.

Find out more about what benefit-cost analysis is, check out our conferences, or read draft papers on principles and standards. You can also contact us at or 206.616.4090.

8th Annual SBCA Conference and Meeting

The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis will hold its annual conference from March 16-18, 2016. The conference, titled "Improving the Theory and Practice of Benefit-Cost Analysis," will take place at the George Washington University Marvin Center. Please see here for more details. 

Professor Zerbe Authors Article on

"Using benefit-cost analysis (or its equivalent, cost-benefit analysis) to evaluate projects not only increases the value of government spending, but increases equity as well."

Read Are We Spending Our Limited Fiscal Resources Wisely? on

Professional Development Workshops, Mar. 16, 2016

The SBCA will once again be holding professional development workshops the day before the annual SBCA conference in Washington, DC. Please see here for more details.