Centers & Projects

Featured Project: EPAR

The Evans School Policy Analysis and Research Group (EPAR) provides research and policy analysis to support the work of the agricultural policy and statistics group at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

This partnership gives graduate students and faculty at the Evans School the opportunity to conduct research projects that support the goals of the Gates Foundation’s agricultural development initiatives, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

These projects include conducting literature reviews, performing data analyses, and preparing briefings on agricultural development and related topics.

Expertise & Innovation

The centers and projects at the Evans School provide public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions a wide variety of resources, support, and expertise. Some examples of the work done by our centers and projects:

Pacific Northwest Social Marketing Association

The Evans School of Public Policy & Governance has partnered with the Pacific Northwest Social Marketing Association to install an exhibit at the State Capitol Building, intended to inform and inspire Legislators and State Agency Directors to consider a Social Marketing approach to citizen behavior change.  Efforts by policy makers to influence citizen behaviors have traditionally relied on two approaches: 

  1. Regulation/Legal Interventions (The Make Me Approach).  
  2. Information/Education (The Show Me Approach).  

There is a third option for policy makers to consider:  3. Social Marketing, a process that uses traditional marketing principles and techniques to change citizen behaviors that benefit society, as well as the individual. (The Help MeApproach).

The exhibit will be on display through the legislative session, into May. To see photos and read more about the exhibit go to