Agency Proposal Sample 3

Organization: Puget Sound Regional Council
Your Name/Title: John Doe, Chairman
Phone: 555.555.5555
Address: PO Box 555, Olympia, WA 55555

Please provide some background information about your agency:
The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) is an association of cities, towns, counties, ports, and state agencies that serves as a forum for developing policies and making decisions about regional growth and transportation issues in the four-county central Puget Sound region. The Central Puget Sound Economic Development District (CPSEDD) is the federally designated economic development district covering King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. CPSEDD is responsible for regional economic development planning and collaborates with various private and public sector agencies to accomplish this goal.

Part of creating an effective regional economic development strategic plan, as well as following the mandates of the Growth Management Act, involves assessing what infrastructure is needed to allow for economic development. Current information on infrastructure gaps is piecemeal and has not been analyzed beyond the city level.

Specific Research Question You’d Like Answered (1–2 sentences):
What infrastructure investments will promote a healthy economy in the central Puget Sound region while supporting the mandates of the Growth Management Act?

What would you like to find out or have accomplished; what is the desired project outcome?
The PSRC wishes to develop a sub-area infrastructure assessment/analysis in order to support economic development within the urban growth areas of CPSEDD. 

What are some key tasks the students will perform to complete the project?
The students and project contact will develop criteria for: selecting the study geographic area; inventory existing and planned water, sewer, electric, broadband, etc. infrastructure; estimate costs and sources of funding; and ultimately analyze the need for and impact of such infrastructure on the area’s economic development. 

What resources are available to complete the project?
PSRC has staff who can work closely with the students to develop this project. We also have an in-house data team that can assist in some of the data needs for the project.

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