Public Financial Leadership Academy

"The Public Financial Leadership Academy was an engaging experience that provided an opportunity to enhance management and financial skills with an overarching goal to better serve the public." - Participant (’13)   

Tailored for Public Sector Financial Leaders

The goal of the Public Financial Leadership Academy (Academy) is to develop the next generation of financial leaders for public organizations, who are equipped with the unique blend of technical financial skills, strategic thinking, and management. The Academy is designed for emerging financial leaders in public organizations, who would like to strengthen their financial acumen. 

The curriculum will be delivered by leading financial management instructors and practitioners, who will share their expertise through lectures and interactive discussions. Students will also work intensively in teams on real-world problems to develop strategic solutions. The curriculum will cover three main areas, with the following topics:

  1. Politics and the Policy Process: stakeholder mapping, public participation processes, effective communications, policy and agenda framing
  2. Financial Sustainability: the federal and state budgets, the macroeconomic outlook, demographic trends that will shape public finance, cutback management, aligning “mission with money”
  3. Financial Tactics and Strategy: budget implementation, financial policymaking, capital budgeting and finance strategies, risk management tools and tactics, counter-cyclical tools

For more information about the Academy, contact us at or 206.685.0523.