Internship Funding

The Evans School has several different fellowship awards for enrolled students pursuing unpaid or low-paid full-time summer internships. You can apply for more than one fellowship if it fits the description of your internship, but you are only eligible to receive one award. The fellowships are variable in amount. The application process for summer 2014 awards will be managed in EvansJobs and will open on March 31, 2014. The application deadline will be May 16, 2014.


The Jennifer Dunn-Thomson Fellowship: one award for $5,000 is available in 2014, to be given to an Evans School student who exemplifies the leadership and commitment to public service in the political arena illustrated by Jennifer Dunn-Thomson. Preference given to a student conducting an internship working with state or federal elected officials, particularly across party lines or within organizations or offices affiliated with the Republican Party. Learn more about Dunn-Thomson on the Washington Secretary of State's Legacy Project website.

The Hubert G. Locke Fellowship in Social Justice (DOMESTIC ONLY): two awards for $2,500 are available in 2014, to be given to students pursuing internships with domestic organizations devoted to social justice and working to address the problems, issues, and needs confronting the poor and dispossessed. Students and organizations working in urban inner city or economically depressed rural communities are of special interest and preference is given to local organizations. Awards are given each year in honor of Dean Emeritus Hubert G. Locke and his concerns for justice in our society.

The Elaine Chang Endowed Fellowship for International Peace & Development (INTERNATIONAL): two awards for $1,500 are available in 2014, to be given to a student conducting an internship in international development and peace issues. The fellowships are funded through the Elaine Chang Endowment. Preference is given to students with internships outside of the U.S.

Harry A. and Ann L. Pryde Fellowship: one award for $3,000 is available in 2014, to be given to a student pursuing an internship in Washington, D.C. focused on national and global policy. 

The Class Gift Fellowship: one award for $2,000 is available in 2014, to be given to a student pursuing an internship at environmental, community development, international, or social and educational development nonprofit or public-sector agency. The fellowships are funded through gifts from Evans School alumni.


  • Applicants must be currently enrolled Evans School students, graduating in December 2014 or later.
  • Students must not have yet fulfilled the Evans School internship requirement and must not have received an internship waiver.
  • Preference is given to students without significant previous work experience.
  • Students may develop their own internship opportunity or apply for a currently advertised unpaid/low-paid internship that fits the award criteria.
  • Students can apply for any award for which they meet the stated requirements; but no student will receive more than one award.
  • Award funds are available in June and are intended to support full-time summer internships of 400 hours or more.
  • Students who receive an award must attend the Annual Evans School Fellowship event in spring 2014, write a thank you note to the fellowship donor, and fulfill all other obligations outlined in the award offer.
  • Submit a complete application via EvansJobs by May 16, 2014.


  • The 2014 application will be available in EvansJobs on March 31, 2014.


Please note that preference for fellowships will be given to students who have yet to complete the Evans School internship requirement, who do not have significant work experience, and whose internship costs are offset by the organization or other secured funds.

For more information contact Evans School Career Services at or 206.221.7698.