May 10, 2019

A Celebration of Our Public Service Leaders

Every May since 1985, Public Service Recognition Week (May 5 – 11) has offered a time to pause and to honor the individuals who serve our nation as local, state, and federal government employees. And, every year since 1962, the Evans School has graduated cohorts of women and men who are dedicated to serving the public good in invaluable ways, helping to make life better and meeting the challenging needs of a diverse population in a rapidly-changing, complex environment. Evans School students of the past, present, and future, we celebrate you. Your dedication and hard work across the public sector is essential. 

Ranked among America’s top five schools of public administration – and number two among public institutions – the Evans School harnesses the passion of its students and contributes to the pipeline of public servants who are world-ready to lead. Graduates find data-informed solutions, collaborate across disciplines, and work within and through organizations to contest the world’s greatest public policy and governance challenges.  

When you join the Evans School, you become part of a global network of alumni who are changing the way governments and nonprofits serve their communities. Our alumni are committed to public service for the common good and are passionate about making their mark. More than 80 percent of Evans School graduates have secured employment in government, nonprofit, or social enterprise organizations across more than 30 states. More than 20 of our alumni have served, or are serving, as elected officials across Washington State. 

The impact we make is real. With coursework at the intersection of theory and practice, students are prepared to address some of the most challenging public issues and to work effectively within the organizations that aim to solve them. In 2018 alone, Evans School students contributed more than 120,000 internship hours through 170 internships domestically and abroad, 40 percent of which were in the public sector. 

Through Evans School Student Consulting Labs, students practice classroom skills with clients across the Pacific Northwest. In 2018, 172 Evans School students participated in a Student Consulting Lab where they each spent, on average, 200-250 hours working to create real-world solutions to organizational and societal problems. From building sustainable funding streams for arts organizations to implementing progressive leadership policies to reduce plastic pollution, Evans School students are working within organizations to serve their missions and their communities. 

You are improving the quality of public and nonprofit service, and you are meeting societal challenges with compassion, vision, analytic rigor, and practicality. Your creativity and tenacity do not go unnoticed. As Public Service Recognition Week comes to a close, the Evans School offers its gratitude for your contributions in service of our local, national and global communities.