March 28, 2019

A Q&A with Associate Professor Scott Fritzen on the Global MPA

Eager to learn more about the Evans School’s Global MPA program? We sat down with Associate Professor Scott Fritzen, Director of International Executive Education to answer some in-depth questions about the Evans School’s new dual-degree offering.

Associate Professor Fritzen has spent more than twenty years studying and working in several countries and universities around the world – from Singapore to Germany to Zimbabwe. Before coming to the Evans School four years ago, he helped launch New York University’s new academic venture in Shanghai, China.

What motivated the Evans School to create and launch the Global MPA?

At the Evans School, we strongly believe in curriculum innovation and global engagement.  The Global MPA combines both, which allows us to offer new instructional pathways with multiple global partners around the world – and, more on the way!  These partnerships put more of the world within reach of Evans School students and enrich the diversity of the Evans School MPA cohort.

What excites you most about the Global MPA degree program?

What excites me most is how transformative the Global MPA program will be for students. The experience of studying at both Evans and a global partner over two years and earning two professional masters degrees in the process will be a life-changing experience for the students who go through it.  I believe this is as true professionally as it is true personally.  The truth is, I would have jumped at the chance to do this when I did my MPA 25 years ago. It’s exciting to see others now take advantage of this unique new path forward.  

How would you describe the potential career paths of someone who will graduate from the Global MPA program?

The possibilities are diverse and endless.  Some students will target careers in international affairs or development, while others will take advantage of new specializations offered with our partners – like big data and global governance. I am confident all will enjoy the excitement of combining study at Evans with another major global center. It’s the sense of these open possibilities, of tailoring your Global MPA experience to meet your goals, that makes this program unique.

How will the Global MPA prepare me to work internationally?

The Global MPA does this in several ways.  One is academic: by earning two graduate professional degrees from two top universities in different countries, graduates will be well prepared for a range of careers on the international stage. The second is through professional networks and contacts: graduates will double their exposure to professional practice.  The third is cross-cultural: students will apply theory and practical knowledge in multiple country perspectives. My experience has proven to me that a comparative mindset is invaluable and increasingly more relevant across policy domains today.  Employers are always looking for ways to distinguishcandidates in a crowded field, and there’s no doubt that, for all of these reasons, the Global MPA will help candidates stand out.

What are some of the challenges one might face as a Global MPA student?

Living and adjusting to new environments is both an adventure and a challenge.  Students will benefit from significant individual attention in this program, and they also will need to be self-starting and motivated.  They need to be proactive about using the shorter time at each university to make the most out of the experience.

Is there any advice you’d like to offer students who are interested in applying?

Contact us early so we can have a strong working relationship from the start.  You’ll have many questions, and we’re here to help you think through the options and the process, one-on-one.

Photo caption: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong