Denny Forum in Parrington Hall (Room 309)

  • Capacity: 49
  • Measurements: 1678 sq. ft.
  • Facilities/Fixtures: 58 wood chairs, 8 42“ x 96" wood conference tables, 6 30“ x 60“ folding tables in closet, and a motorized screen. Coat hanger is available.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Yes
  • Electrical Outlets: Yes, please note that users must provide their own grounded extension cords.
  • Lighting: Glass skylight and indirect overhead lighting
  • Air Conditioning: No
  • Food or Alcoholic Beverages: Permitted within UW guidelines – please apply for a UUF or ASR permit with UW Office of Special Programs. You are required to show paperwork at any time during your event.
  • Media Equipment: None installed in room. PA system equipment is highly recommended. Equipment for groups not affiliated with the Evans School can contact Media Services at 206.543.9900. Sponsoring parties must make arrangements for extension cords as well as delivery and retrieval of AV equipment.
  • The room is very bright, so please be aware that if you are using a projector we recommend 2000 lumens or brighter for the best quality.
  • Internet Connectivity: Network connections are available in the floor electrical boxes covered with the brass lids or WIFI is available with valid UW NetID
  • •Telephone: 206.685.1267

Denny Forum Layout