This winter, in addition to the Evans School core curriculum and wide array of elective courses, we are excited to announce two new classes.

We launched a new undergraduate class. The Evans School’s dedication to preparing the next generation of public service leaders is stronger than ever—this time, we are just starting a little earlier.

Intro to Public Policy & Governance is an introduction to the field of policy analysis, governance, and public service that teaches students how to analyze and evaluate policy and actions, as well as how individuals organize for common purposes. Taught by Evans School faculty Ben Brunjes and Elizabeth Vigdor, student demand was immediate indicating the desire and need for courses on governance and policy at the undergraduate level.

As part of our MPA curriculum, we are offering a new course called “Public Policy, Law, and Equity." Taught by Michelle Gonzales, this course examines the complicated relationships between race, gender, and ethnicity regarding the American criminal justice system, education, employment, immigration, and the environment. This elective course is one of many Evans School’s offerings that fall under the University of Washington’s race and equity initiative.

The Evans School continues to be a leader in our core curriculum, but we also adapt our offerings to be more relevant and useful on a continuing basis.