Renewing Parrington Hall

Parrington Hall's remodel has brought the building up to date to create a better learning and working experience, creating and innovative and inspiring environment for students, faculty and staff. The work also made Parrington Hall a much more sustainable space – watch this short video about the incredible sustainability features of the building. The renovated...

Sneak Peek Video Tour!

As we continue getting settled into our beautiful new home, we can’t help but want to share it with our wider community who made this project possible!  Here’s a quick video we put together to show our community what’s going on inside those beautiful exterior brick walls. *Following public health guidelines, our staff and faculty...

Student Affairs, Front and Center

When you enter the main doors of Parrington Hall, you will now see beautiful brick arch straight ahead and, just beyond, a warm, inviting reception desk.  The new home of the Office of Student Affairs intentionally centers students within the new building and draws students – past, present, and prospective – in to meet with...

Parrington hall lobby

From Top to Bottom!

Before the concrete is poured, and the ceilings are completed, here’s a two sneak peeks at BIG improvements!  Below ground, new plumbing and systems will allow for increased efficiencies (getting us to LEED GOLD!) as well as for connection to the UW’s chilled water line, which means…air conditioning!  We are pleased that all five new...

Building insulation

Restoring the Brick!

One of the signature design features of the remodeled building is the newly exposed and restored original 1902 brick throughout the interior of the building. This past week, masons have been working in the building to replace, patch, and clean the exposed brick walls. This has included removing cinderblock in-fills and replacing them with brick salvaged from other parts of the building. The final step in this restoration process is an overall cleaning and sealing of the brick walls – we can’t wait to see these completed!


Odds and ends, Soon to disappear

Much of the Parrington Remodel includes upgrades and safety features that will never be seen once the building is completed. Here are a few odds and ends that will soon be covered with drywall and/or paint and that represent such important leaps forward in the lifecycle of this historic building.

Drywall, Drywall, and Drywall

What an exciting phase of the project, to see the insulation going in and the framing getting covered up by drywall! The new spaces really take shape at this stage, and it’s noticeable how much the insulation has already changed the feel of the building. A reminder – for 118 years, this 1902 building lacked…


Video begins at the ramp down to the lounge. Upon entering, the restroom and the shower room can be seen. Further into the lounge, you can see where the kitchen has been roughed in and then where the new hallway/staircase is to head upstairs to Parrington first floor. Final room seen in the video is…

Stairs, Part 2

In addition to the grand staircase extending from the lobby to the upper floors, another set of stairs represents a tremendous leap forward for dear old Parrington Hall.  For the first time, the basement student lounge will be connected to the rest of the building via an internal staircase.  For the life the building, the…

Stairs, Part 1

A signature design element of the remodeled Parrington will be the new (and single set of) stairs in the foyer – the glass railings will allow light to flow throughout the building, and the treads are made of wood salvaged from the original 520-floating bridge.  

Gems Behind the Walls

Upon entering the renewed Parrington in Fall 2020, one will find a number of beautiful and visible architectural details and will experience an improved use of space and connectivity throughout the building.  What people will NOT see, however, is the detailed work and extreme improvements behind the walls.  That is what is so exciting about this early stage…

So Grateful

It’s hard to overstate how fortunate we feel for the amount of heart and care members of our design-build team are putting into the Parrington remodel.  For us at Evans, this is a once-in-a-lifetime leap forward for our program and so we understandably feel extremely invested in this project’s process and success. The incredible things…

One of the most iconic elements of Parrington’s well-used classroom 108 were the sight-line-interrupting columns.  (Check out minute 0:54 of this funny video if you don’t know what we’re talking about) So what does it take to remove these columns and open up our spaces for uninterrupted classroom sightlines?  A large crane. The closure of…

Structural Work Continues

With demolition complete, the construction crew has turned their attention to shoring up the building with steel supports. The current state of the site: steel everywhere!  Next step – getting it into and installed in the building.

Let there be light!

The Parrington 108 classroom underwent a big change this past week: the bricked-in windows in classroom 108 were un-bricked, and the light is pouring in!  During a renovation in the 1930s, these windows were in-filled with bricks to create a darkened lecture hall.  However, the new Parrington calls for this first floor classroom to be…


Demolition Complete!

The crew disassembles the demo chute, signaling an important milestone in the project!


Final Demolition Stretch!

As demolition gets ready to wrap up, the changes on the first floor are remarkable! Without nearly any walls still standing inside, the natural light floods into the building and the original 1902 bones are exposed and beautiful. All sets of the central staircase have been removed from Floor 1-4. One side of the stair…

Dust, Bricks, and a Mysterious Tank!

As demolition enters the final phase, we continue to find surprises in the building walls… including a mysterious tank (long-ago decommissioned and emptied)! The tank brings the tally of interesting things found in the walls to three: 1) an unopened can of sardines; 2) an empty whiskey bottle; 3) 4th floor tank. Check below for…


Demo moves onto the first floor

With demolition progressing top to bottom, the crews have moved down into the first floor. It’s incredibly noticeable how much daylight streams through the building with walls down and windows exposed. While some walls will inevitably need to go back up, the magnificent windows will remain a key feature of the remodeled Parrington. The walls…

Demo Week 3

The crew has moved into the second floor as demo continues!

Third Floor Demo

Our demolition crew continues their work removing walls, stairs, and more as they work their way down from attic to basement.  This week, they’re making lots of noise and dust on floors three and two!  And floor four = demolition finished!


First Peek at Demo

Demo is underway inside Parrington!  The crew is focusing on demolition in the attic (above the fourth floor), the basement mechanical room (adjacent to the student lounge), and the fourth floor first.  Then they’ll move to the third floor, second floor, and finally first floor as they complete the demolition work.  It’s loud and exciting…


As a way to help us visualize our updated building, Integrus Architecture has produced a set of renderings (draft drawings) to depict the spaces imagined in the renewed Parrington Hall.  These rendering illustrate the new openness of the atrium, the use of reclaimed materials, and a change in the location of various features and classrooms….


Q&A with Integrus Architecture

In light of our official kick-off of demolition, we took a moment to ask our partners at Integrus Architecture for the inside scoop on the design process for Parrington Hall. Hear directly from our architects about what they hope students will love the most about their new space, and what inspires them about our historic…


Swinging the Golden Sledgehammer

Dean Archibald visited Parrington this week to take a swing of a golden sledgehammer (it’s actually painted gold!) to officially kick off demolition!  Demolition is slated to occur over the next few months while the design is finalized and design/build permits are received by the city. We can’t wait to see what’s behind these old…


Demolition to Begin July 2019

If you walk by Parrington Hall, you will notice a great sign of progress: There is a large trailer parked on the lawn, and fencing around the entire building!  That can only mean one thing: DEMO is on the horizon!  Now with a demo permit in hand, our crews are getting ready to start smashing…

Established in 1974 under the leadership of former Governor Daniel. J. Evans, the Washington State Art in Public Places (AIPP) program mandates that one-half of one percent of the state’s portion of construction costs for state buildings is designated for the acquisition of public artwork. It is because of this program that we are proud…


An Update on Parrington Hall

If you’ve walked past Parrington Hall recently, you might be wondering why you don’t hear the sweet sound of demo and construction quite yet. Here’s why: In November 2018, when our design-build partners sought to submit our initial permits to the city, the city responded with a significant (and unexpected) requirement to substantially increase our…


by Assistant Dean Rebecca Blume

During the week of December 17, the Evans School will move to our temporary home, Condon Hall. On Tuesday, members of ESO and our PhD program toured Condon Hall to evaluate and give comments on the spaces available for classrooms, student collaborative space, PhD workstations, common/social space, and more. 

Telling our Story

The remodel of Parrington Hall is slated as a $20 million project.  Early in 2018, the Washington State Legislature included $10 million in their Capital Budget for the remodel of Parrington Hall.  And for the past two years, Evans School staff, leadership, and volunteers have been hard at work raising the remaining $10 million from…


Beginning Conversations

As we get closer to our December move-out date, faculty, staff, and students are also engaging in conversations regarding the Parrington Hall remodel.  I am grateful for the many items of consideration and feedback we have received thus far from all of these groups – and I encourage you to continue sharing your ideas and…


The History of Parrington Hall

Parrington Hall is an iconic part of the UW’s Seattle Campus.  Here are a few interesting facts about the history of this building: