Note: The Evans School MPA course prefix changed from PB AF to PUBPOL, as of Autumn Quarter 2016. These syllabi are generally from the prior year and are shared here as a reference, not as the definitive syllabus for a particular core course.

MPA Year One Core

Autumn Quarter

PUBPOL 511: Managing Politics and the Policy Process

PUBPOL 516: Economics for Policy Analysis and Management I

PUBPOL 522: Financial Management and Budgeting

  • Associate Professor Sharon Kioko (Syllabus)
  • Professor Justin Marlowe (Syllabus)

Winter Quarter

PUBPOL 512: Managing Organizational Performance

  • Associate Professor Scott Fritzen (Syllabus)
  • Associate Professor Joaquin Herranz (Syllabus)
  • Associate Professor Steve Page (Syllabus)
  • Associate Professor David Suarez (Syllabus)

PUBPOL 517: Economics for Policy Analysis and Management II

PUBPOL 527: Quantitative Analysis I

  • Professor Marieka Klawitter (Syllabus)
  • PhD Student Josh Merfeld (Syllabus)
  • Research Associate Katya Roshchina (Syllabus)

Spring Quarter

PUBPOL 513: Public Policy Analysis

  • Research Associate Grant Blume (Syllabus)
  • Associate Professor Steve Kosack (Syllabus)
  • Professor Bill Zumeta (Syllabus)

PUBPOL 526: Program Evaluation

  • Research Associate Grant Blume (Syllabus)
  • Senior Lecturer Carlos Cuevas (Syllabus)
  • Associate Professor Heather Hill (Syllabus)

PUBPOL 528: Quantitative Analysis II

MPA Year Two Core

Winter and Spring Quarters

PUBPOL 608: Capstone Project Seminar