Ph.D. Year One Core Courses

  • PPM 500: Proseminar in Public Policy and Management (Syllabus)

  • PPM 502: Research Design (Syllabus)

  • PPM 504: Perspectives on Institutions (Syllabus)

  • PPM 506: Advanced Microeconomics for Policy Analysis (Syllabus)

  • PPM 508: Public Policy Processes (Syllabus)

  • PPM 510: Public Policy Analysis (Syllabus)

Ph.D. Year Two Core Courses

  • PPM 500: Proseminar in Public Policy and Management (Syllabus)

  • PPM 512: Data Analysis Practicum (Syllabus)

  • PPM 514: Organizations, Management, and Theory (Syllabus)

Optional/Additional Credit

  • PPM 599: Research Seminar (AUT/WIN/SPR)
    Description: Students who sign up for PPM 599 will attend research seminars presented by Evans School faculty and policy and management scholars from other UW departments, as well as other Universities. Students will learn about new theories and empirical findings on a wide range of topics in public policy and management and be more fully immersed in a research environment. To receive credit, a student must attend a minimum number of seminars (TBD), including the question and answer period. 
  • PPM 599: Discrete Choice Analysis (SPR)