PA EX 501: Foundation Week: Strategic Leadership (6 credits)

Role of leader, leadership styles, authorizing environment, strategic direction, organizational alignment, leading self, coaching, 360-degree leadership assessment

Decision Making

PA EX 502: Executive Decision-Making (3 credits)

Statistical data and applying frameworks, including benefit cost analysis, prospective analysis, inputs versus outputs, weighing outcomes, use of models, and relationships to leadership

Finance I

PA EX 503: Strategic Financial Management I (4 credits)

Financial analysis, how politics and economics influence revenues, types of financing, cost analysis, financial statement analysis, surplus and debt, leadership for financial sustainability


PA EX 504: Executive Economics (3 credits)

Compile data, determine full cost and pricing, and use benefit-cost and breakeven analysis to manage for delivering value and operational accountability to constituents

Finance II

PA EX 505: Strategic Financial Management II (3 credits)

Financial analysis techniques, performance budgeting, and debt management, links to contracting, multiple forms of privatization, social enterprise, and managing multiple revenue streams


PA EX 506: Organizational Performance (3 Credits)

Design performance measurement, program evaluation, and process improvement, aligned with mission to deliver public value; leadership for a performance culture


PA EX 507: Values and Personal Integrity (3 credits)

Evaluate and develop personal leadership, ethics, emotional intelligence, learning styles, coaching and supervision, and connecting personal integrity and the common good


PA EX 508: Managing People (3 credits)

Develop relationships, motivating, hiring, firing, and building workplace culture of human growth; legal implications for public and nonprofit HR; HR budgeting and capacity


PA EX 509: Cross-Sectoral Partnerships (3 credits)

Cooperation between the public, nonprofit, and for-profit private sectors; managing these complexities through networks, contracting, communication, and shared systems and goals


PA EX 510: Strategic Negotiation (4 credits)

Negotiation in two-party, multi-party, and multi-issue formats; structural analysis, interest identification, power and dependence, dispute resolution, interest-based bargaining


PA EX 511: Strategic Communication (3 credits)

Persuasive speeches, presentations, elevator speeches, and policy support, advocacy, and motivation; electronic communications plan, use policy, and security


PA EX 512: Strategic Policy-Making (4 credits)

Policy formation through decision-making analysis, budget and economic analysis, analyzing stakeholders, political mapping, and coalition building; policy analysis and auditing


PA EX 513: Capstone Seminar: Leading Change (3 credits)

Examining commitment and legacy by examining those of leaders; tap into personal mission, values, and dedication to the common good to the next chapter