We offer many research, teaching, and graduate staff assistantships each year.  Most positions are 20 hours per week and include:

  • Monthly stipend
  • Benefits
  • Paid tuition
  • Health insurance

There are also assistantships available throughout the year that are paid hourly and do not include the above four items.  Applying for assistantships is a competitive process, with most positions open to both first and second year students.  Announcements of open positions are posted on EvansJobs. Students will receive access to EvansJobs after registering for classes which begins in late June. 

Research assistantships are usually open to first and second year students and are available in the areas specified below. For highly qualified applicants, some assistantships are offered to first-year students for both graduate school years.

  • Grant-funded faculty research
  • Special conferences
  • Public policy colloquia
  • Research sponsored by the Evans School’s research centers

This work exposes students to many policy issues:

  • Regional growth management
  • International trade
  • State and federal entitlement programs
  • Health and human services delivery
  • Education reform
  • And others

Teaching and graduate staff assistantships are usually reserved for second year students.  Only some of our courses involve teaching assistantships, and graduate staff assistantships include the following positions:

  • Coordinators for international programs
  • Peer advisors
  • Computer lab managers

Assistantships through UW, outside of the Evans School, are posted by Career Development on EvansJobs; however, that office might not always be aware of assistantship opportunities in other departments.  It is a good idea to contact the department of your undergraduate major to see what opportunities are available.

For more information about assistantships and fellowships, contact our Student Services office at 206.543.4900.