“I want to have the most positive impact in my work that I can. Working in foreign policy and international trade, I can go to work knowing what I am doing affects more than half of the world's population.”
“Public service can address impactful, pressing issues and improve people’s lives, and that is infectious and exciting.”

“Transportation policy is connected to public health, access to jobs and housing, and race and social equity. My work at SDOT influences people’s quality of life.”

“The most rewarding part of my job is working with an incredible team of dedicated public servants. I never anticipated enjoying management as much as I do.”
"At Evans we spent a lot of time working to understand who our stakeholders were and what they needed. This skill has been invaluable to my success.”
“If we put an honest and open minded effort into whatever job we have, and do so with integrity and a dash of curiosity, good things in one’s career can happen.”
“I know how to make [collaboration] happen because of the Evans School MPA program,"
“Making change is a process,” Brian said. “At an institutional level, we need to have people willing to do the work. The Evans School MPA prepared me to do the work that facilitates change for the public good.”
“I see an MPA degree as a tool that provides the foundational skills to operate in the world of social capital”