“I was fortunate to earn my MPA in the Evans School's diverse environment, where different opinions are respected and conversations around social justice, gender, sexual orientation, legal status, national origin, and race are encouraged.”

- Efrain Gutierrez (MPA ’10)

Efrain Gutierrez is an associate of the Strategic Learning and Evaluation Center at FSG Social Impact Consultants.

He grew up in Capilla de Guadalupe Jalisco, Mexico, where he was exposed to the struggles of poverty at an early age. Because of this, he wanted a career in which he could be a catalyst for social change and came to the Evans School to turn these aspirations into reality.

Gutierrez’s employer, FSG Social Impact Consultants, is a nonprofit consulting firm that helps foundations, corporations, and nonprofits increase their social impact with strategic planning and evaluation tools.

He credits his professors’ deep understanding of program evaluation and poverty alleviation with preparing him for his current position, and the extraordinary service of the Career Services team with ensuring that his job application expressed his full potential.

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