Congratulations to MPA students Cindy Chen and Alyssa McClure for being selected for the 2019 Bonderman Fellowship! As Bonderman Travel Fellows, Cindy and Alyssa will be provided the rare opportunity to spend eight months independently exploring two regions and six countries with which they are not familiar.

The broad vision of the Bonderman Fellowship is to inspire individual transformation by expanding fellows’ understanding of themselves and the complex, diverse, and interconnected world we live in. With this vision in mind, each fellow shapes their own learning and travel plan; though, they may not pursue academic study, projects, or research.

Cindy plans to explore what mobility means to people across the world through the ways that people use transit; and, how access to transit increases people’s access to economic, cultural and social opportunities. Cindy hopes to travel to Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, India, Brazil, Colombia and Chile.

Alyssa will dedicate her fellowship to her interest in global events and history. She hopes to gain a more global understanding of public service by visiting geographically and culturally diverse areas where she can witness first-hand how other countries function. Her itinerary includes Morocco, Tanzania, and Argentina, among other locations.

Past Evans School Bonderman Fellows include:

Congratulations Cindy and Alyssa!