As demolition enters the final phase, we continue to find surprises in the building walls... including a mysterious tank (long-ago decommissioned and emptied)! The tank brings the tally of interesting things found in the walls to three: 1) an unopened can of sardines; 2) an empty whiskey bottle; 3) 4th floor tank.

Check below for more photos and a full 360' view of the basement!

former student services suite

Walls are coming down in the former student services suite, soon to be a new lecture-style classroom.

fourth-floor walls

Mysterious tank (decommissioned and disconnected long ago) found behind fourth-floor walls. This brings the count of curious things found in Parrington walls to three: 1) unopened tin of sardines; 2) empty whiskey bottle; and 3) mystery tank. Goodbye, tank!

"breather walls" were brick shafts that ran from the basement to fourth floor

The "breather walls" were brick shafts that ran from the basement to fourth floor, "moving" air through the building thanks to the 1902-fly wheel that was still fighting the good fight in the basement. With new mechanical and ventilation systems being installed, the breather walls are no more! (Also, goodbye fly wheel!)

Beautiful Parrington windows

Beautiful Parrington windows.


The basement has been demo'd!

Check out 360' video: