One of the most iconic elements of Parrington’s well-used classroom 108 were the sight-line-interrupting columns.  (Check out minute 0:54 of this funny video if you don’t know what we’re talking about)

So what does it take to remove these columns and open up our spaces for uninterrupted classroom sightlines? 

  1. A large crane.
  2. The closure of Memorial Way.
  3. Enormous steel beams.
  4. 1:00am on a chilly December evening.

(Thanks to our friends from Absher Construction for these photos!)

Cranes carrying beams

In order to mitigate the disruption to campus, the “fly in” of these steel beams was planned for midnight on this December evening. 

Support beams carried through window

Three large beams were added to the building to remove columns from two first floor classrooms and a second floor classroom. 

Temporary columns holding up ceiling

Temporary columns (yellow) are used until the beam can be secured into place.

Beam going through window

How do you bring a beam into a second-floor classroom?  Carefully!

Beam inside the building ready to be installed

Second floor beam safely inside…now just to be hoisted and installed in the ceiling!