Upon entering the renewed Parrington in Fall 2020, one will find a number of beautiful and visible architectural details and will experience an improved use of space and connectivity throughout the building.  What people will NOT see, however, is the detailed work and extreme improvements behind the walls.  That is what is so exciting about this early stage of framing, as of the systems, infrastructure and structural work that will make Parrington a healthy and safe place to work are installed. 

Steel bracing in Parrington Hall

Additional steel bracing (white and dark brown pieces) is added to existing earthquake retrofit work to increase the seismic resilience of the building.

Insulation in Parrington Hall

Rigid insulation (purple!) is added to all exterior walls prior to framing…the first time in 118 years that Parrington will be insulated!

Electrical conduits and air ducts

Electrical conduits and air ducts are put in place to provide all of Parrington with air circulation and to bring cooled air into our classrooms.

air in-take shaft

A new air in-take shaft runs from roof to basement as part of our highly anticipated air circulation and cooling systems.