April 5, 2018

Bringing innovation to executive education, and welcoming IPPHL’s second cohort

Next week, the second cohort of our International Program in Public Health Leadership (IPPHL) will begin their studies, and I’m so pleased to welcome them to the Evans School community.  

As a relatively new Evans School initiative, let me share with you the fundamental elements of this exciting program.  Developed as part of the University of Washington’s Population Health Initiative, launched by President Cauce, IPPHL strives to develop the leadership, problem-solving, and negotiation skills leaders need to drive change and advance public policy solutions. 

Mid-career public health professionals from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Africa come together – both via distance learning and in person – to gain skills in analysis, communication, policy, and leadership. 

It has been exciting to see our Evans School faculty lead the way in employing new distance learning platforms, bringing innovation to improving the quality of public service both at home and across the world.  The new IPPHL cohort will learn from each other and from Evans School faculty through in-person sessions in Seattle and in Cape Town, and via our distance learning platform.  Instead of simply listening to pre-recorded lectures, the students and faculty use technology to engage directly in real-time lectures and class discussions as well as group work. 

Once our students complete the program, the cohort continues to work together to create a peer network of public health leaders from across Africa, all driving for effectiveness, efficiency, and equity in their respective organizations.

A key mission of the Evans School is our dedication to serving local, national, and global communities.  IPPHL represents an important way we are doing that work.  The first cohort has been putting their new skills into practice since last summer, and are already seeing the impact of this experience: