Evans School Career Development is available to support international students throughout the MPA degree program. Here are some resources and guides that will aid international students’ career growth and answer some common questions about the process along the way.

Evans School Resources

  • First-Year MPA International Student Career Management Plan: This is a sample career timeline to consider during the first year at the Evans School. Please note that this Career Management Plan is only a guide; individual students may prefer to follow a different timeline as needed. We recommend meeting with Career Development at least once during each year of the MPA degree program for support and guidance. Appointments can be scheduled online through EvansJobs
  • Need to Know: Work Authorization CPT/OPT: Work authorization is an important component as an international student begins to search for career opportunities. This document provides information for Evans School students regarding securing work authorization for internships and jobs. We recommend that international students review this document within the first quarter and throughout their time at the Evans School.
    • After students complete the 400-hour Evans School internship requirement, they are no longer eligible to apply for CPT.
    • ​NOTE: It is the student’s responsibility to research and understand work eligibility. Consult ISS with any concerns or questions.

University of Washington Resources

  • UW International Student Services (ISS): Career Development recommends that Evans School students consult with their advisor during the MPA degree program, and attend ISS workshops and events offered throughout the academic year. 
  • FIUTS(The Foundation for International Understanding Through Students): FIUTS connects university students to local and global communities through programs that build international awareness, cross-cultural communication, and informed leadership. 
  • UW Career Center: Provides university-wide career development resources for international students.

Additional UW Resources