The Evans School has several different fellowship awards for enrolled students pursuing unpaid or low-paid full-time summer internships. The fellowships are variable in amount and change each year. Not all fellowships are available every year. The application process for Summer 2017 funding opened on Monday, March 27, 2017 and will be managed in EvansJobs (search for Job ID #23678). The Summer 2017 application deadline is Friday, May 12, 2017.

Fellowship Awards

Evans School Advisory Board Internship Fellowship: to be given to outstanding Evans School students working in unpaid or low-paid internships or similar activities in the public or nonprofit sector. Fellowships are funded by donations from Evans School Advisory Board members.

The Class Gift Fellowship: to be given to Evans School students pursuing internships at environmental, community development, international, or social and educational development nonprofit organizations or public-sector agencies. Fellowships are funded by donations from graduating Evans School students (through the Class Gift) as well as from Evans School alumni.

The Elaine Chang Endowed Fellowship for International Peace & Development: to be given to Evans School students conducting internships in international development and peace issues. The fellowships are funded through the Elaine Chang Endowment. Preference is given to students with internships outside of the U.S.

The Hubert G. Locke Fellowship in Social Justice (DOMESTIC INTERNSHIPS ONLY): to be given to Evans School students pursuing internships with domestic organizations devoted to social justice and working to address the problems, issues, and needs confronting the poor and dispossessed. Students and organizations working in urban inner city or economically depressed rural communities are of special interest and preference is given to local organizations. Awards are given each year in honor of Dean Emeritus Hubert G. Locke and his concerns for justice in our society.

The Jennifer Dunn-Thomson Fellowship: to be given to an Evans School student who exemplifies the leadership and commitment to public service in the political arena illustrated by Jennifer Dunn-Thomson. Preference given to a student conducting an internship working with state or federal elected officials, particularly across party lines or within organizations or offices affiliated with the Republican Party. Learn more about Dunn-Thomson on the Washington Secretary of State's Legacy Project website.

The Morton Kroll Fellowship: to be given to Evans School students pursuing internships in the fields of public arts management and/or at local community arts organizations. Awards are given in honor of Professor Kroll and his leadership at the University of Washington and at the Evans School.

The Paul M. Rucker Fellowship for International Education: to be given to Evans School students conducting internships in International Development. Mr. Rucker, MPA 2002, believes that international education, in its broadest and most inclusive definition, serves a transformative role in advancing international peace and development. Preference is given to students with internships in international development, international education, and/or peace studies, with top priority given to students completing their internship outside of the United States.

Award Requirements

  • All currently enrolled Evans School students graduating in December 2017 or later who have completed at least one full quarter of Evans School coursework are eligible to apply.
  • Preference is given to students who have not yet fulfilled the Evans School internship requirement.
  • Preference is given to students without significant previous work experience.
  • Selection will be based on academic merit and the merits of the student's proposal as it relates to the particular fellowship award criteria.
  • Students may develop their own internship opportunity or secure an established internship opportunity that fits the award criteria.
  • Students can apply for any award for which they meet the stated requirements; but no student will receive more than one award.
  • Awards are intended to support full-time summer internships of 400 hours or more.
  • Award funds typically are disbursed in July.
  • Students who receive and accept an award must:
    • Ensure timely submission of all required internship paperwork, including the Internship Contract (must be completed prior to receiving funds), Self-Evaluation, and Supervisor Evaluation.
    • Participate in an internship event in winter/spring 2018 (Career Development will contact award recipients about this event in fall 2017).
    • Write a thank you note to the fellowship donor and submit a summary of the internship experience and on-the-job photo (Alumni Relations will contact award recipients about this process in fall 2017).
    • Fulfill all other obligations outlined in the award offer.
  • Submit a complete application via EvansJobs by Friday, May 12, 2017.


  • The 2017 application will be available in EvansJobs on Monday, March 27, 2017. The application deadline is Friday, May 12, 2017.

Additional Information

  • For more information contact Evans School Career Development at or 206.616.1609.