Each year, the Evans School offers approximately 8 to 10 fellowship awards of $5000 for enrolled students pursuing unpaid or low-paid full-time summer internships in 2020. The initial application window for Summer 2020 Fellowships was open from April 1, 2020 through May 1, 2020. For Summer 2020, we are happy to open up a second round of fellowship applications with remaining funding to award smaller fellowships to students who have secured unpaid or low-paying internships during the era of COVID-19. Award amounts will vary based on hours of internship commitment and number of funding requests received.

The application for a second round of internship fellowships will be open from June 12, 2020 through June 28, 2020. Application link is here. Please note applicants will be required to log in with UW NetID credentials to access the application form. 

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Internship Fellowship Awards for Summer 2020

The following are endowed fellowships of $5000, to be distributed in the first-round of fellowship funding. Second round of internship funding will be comprised of smaller award amounts and will come from the general Evans School Internship Fund. 

  • The Advisory Board Endowed Fund for Experiential Learning: to be awarded to an Evans School student working in an internship in the public or nonprofit sector.

  • The Elaine Chang Endowed Fellowship for International Peace & Development and the Paul M. Rucker Endowed Fellowship for International Education ("Chang+Rucker"): to be awarded to an Evans School student conducting an internship in international development, international education, and/or peace studies. Preference is given to students with internships outside of the United States.
  • The Evans School Internship Fund (“Evans”): to be awarded to an Evans School student working in an unpaid or low-paid internship. 
  • The Morton Kroll Fellowship (“Kroll”): to be awarded to an Evans School student pursuing an internship in the field of public arts management and/or at local community arts organizations. 
  • The Harry A. and Ann L. Pryde Endowed Fellowship (“Pryde”): to be awarded to an Evans School student pursuing an internship in the field of national or global policy, with preference given to those with internships in Washington D.C.
  • The Hubert G. Locke Fellowship in Social Justice (“Locke”): to be awarded to an Evans School student pursuing an internship with domestic organizations devoted to social justice and working to address the problems, issues, and needs confronting the poor and dispossessed. Students and organizations working in urban inner city or economically depressed rural communities are of special interest and preference is given to local organizations. 

Application for Second-Round Funding (Summer 2020)

  • An online application will is available here beginning on June 12, 2020 and closing on June 28, 2020. Please note you will need to log in with your UW NetID credentials.
  • The application includes basic documentation including: your resume, the original internship announcement describing the position, and the written offer of employment. Additionally, the committee requests a short essay (no more than 2 pages) asking students to share: (a) How this internship relates to, and will further, your professional goals? (b) What are the anticipated goals/outcomes of the internship for both the student and the organization? and (c) Description of financial need, how this award will be used (including a budget, if possible), and/or how receipt of this award will impact you.
  • Applicants will be notified of their award status within two weeks of the application closing date.
  • Awards may range in amounts between $500 and $2500, pending funding availability and applications received.

Award Requirements

  • All currently enrolled Evans School MPA students graduating in December 2020 or later who have completed at least one full quarter of Evans School coursework are eligible to apply.
  • Selection will be based on academic merit and the merits of the student's proposal as it relates to their career goals.
  • Awards are intended to support full-time summer internships of 400 hours or more. Experiences that are part-time or less than 400 hours will still be considered, though award amounts may be prorated accordingly.
  • Students who receive and accept an award must:
    • Share internship information by the start date of the internship with Career Development team through completion of Experience Report, and subsequent paperwork in EvansJobs
    • Remain engaged with the Evans School by responding to periodic and potential requests from the Internship Committee and/or Career Development for updates or information on the experience
    • Write a thank you note to the fellowship donor, including a summary of the experience and on-the-job photo (Evans School Advancement staff will contact award recipients about this process).
    • Be in good academic standing.
    • Fulfill all other obligations outlined in the award offer.

    Additional Information

    • View the recorded online information session that was hosted in February 2020 here.  For more information, contact the Evans School Internship Committee at evansjob@uw.edu. 
    • Applications will be reviewed and award decisions made by the Evans School Internship Committee, comprised of Evans School staff from the Advancement and Finance & Administration teams, as well as a student representative. Career Development will be providing administrative support to the process, but is not involved in the selection process and subsequent award distribution. 
    • As there are limited Fellowships to award, the Internship Committee strongly encourages students to explore paid internship opportunities or alternative sources of funding for unpaid and low-paid internships. Students are encouraged to schedule an individual appointment with an advisor from Graduate Funding and Information Services for guidance on fellowships, scholarships, and databases in which to search for additional funding options.