The Benefit-Cost Analysis Center maintains a database of benefit-cost analysis studies. The collection spans a variety of topics and serves as a valuable resource to the field of benefit-cost analysis, specifically for teachers and students of BCA. To view the project, please click on the following link, which will open a spreadsheet in Google Drive: View BCA database

Please note that this effort is no longer active. This data is historical.

Questions for analysis

  • Identify the beneficiaries and losers.
  • How well are the steps in the BCA process followed?
  • How well are the assumptions clearly stated?
  • How well was uncertainty and risk considered?
  • What discount rate was used and how was it justified?
  • Would the proposed project be likely to increase or decrease or be indeterminate with respect to income inequality?
  • What studies reported negative results with respect to the BCA findings?
  • What proportion of the studies are convincing and how does this correlate to the extent to which steps and assumptions are clear?