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September 30, 2020

Wildfire Potential with Climate, Land Use Planning, and Forest Management

Evans Authors: Alison C. Cullen

Cullen, A., Axe, T., & Podschwit, H. (2020). International Journal of Wildland Fire.

After another historic wildfire season, the research aims to address two central questions: (1) How will climate change alter future patterns of wildfire, particularly co-occurring megafires? (2) What implications does this hold for risk management decisions including fire suppression and prescribed burning? The research explores the interaction of wildfire potential with climate, land use planning…

August 31, 2020

Disease Surveillance Investments and Administration: Limits to Information Value in Pakistan Polio Eradication

Evans Authors: Alison C. Cullen

With Scott, R. P., Cullen, A. C., & Chabot-Couture, G. (2020). Risk Analysis an International Journal.

In Pakistan, annual poliovirus investment decisions drive quantities of supplemental immunization campaigns districts receive. In this article, we assess whether increased spending on poliovirus surveillance is associated with greater likelihood of correctly identifying districts at high risk of polio with assignment of an elevated “risk ranking.”

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