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November 15, 2021

Strategies for Disclosing a Concealable Stigma: Facts and Feelings?

Evans Authors: Ines Jurcevic

Jurcevic, I., Wong, L., Schetter, C. & Shapiro, J. (2021). Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Disclosing a concealable stigma has the potential for both positive outcomes, such as receipt of social support, and negative outcomes, such as being the target of prejudice. Identifying a disclosure…

December 15, 2019

Does a business-like approach to diversity in nonprofit organizations have a chilling effect on stakeholders?

Evans Authors: Ines Jurcevic, Rachel Fyall

Jurcevic, I., & Fyall, R. (2019). Journal of Behavioral Public Administration.

Despite widespread commitment to promoting diversity in the nonprofit sector, increasing diversity poses a continued challenge for many nonprofits. Even nonprofits with explicit diversity statements often struggle to diversify their…

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