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July 31, 2021

Evaluating Hazard Awareness Brochures: Assessing the Textual, Graphical, and Numerical Features of Tsunami Evacuation Products

Evans Authors: Ann Bostrom

Lindell, M., Bostrom, A., Goltz, J., & Prater, C.S.(2021). International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction.

Many people visit or live in areas that are exposed to natural or technological hazards but lack sufficient information to protect themselves when a disaster threatens. This article reviews research on hazard education, warning systems, and warning response, as well as research findings on the communication of textual, numeric, graphic, and cartographic information in risk…

April 30, 2021

Supplying the Pandemic Response: The Importance of Public Procurement

Evans Authors: Benjamin M. Brunjes

Abutabenjeh, S., Anguelov, L., Brunjes, B., Dimand, A., & Rodriguez-Pleza, E. (2021). Journal of Emergency Management.

The rapid global transmission of COVID-19 has demonstrated many weaknesses in government procurement of essential supplies. In the United States, these problems have been particularly evident, as systemic fragmentation through federalism has frustrated a coordinated response. Rather than working together, states and localities are competing over limited medical resources, while the federal government has not…

March 31, 2021

Volcanic hazard map visualisation affects cognition and crisis decision-making

Evans Authors: Ann Bostrom

Clive, M. A. T., Lindsay, J. M., Leonard, G. S., Lutteroth, C., Bostrom, A., & Corballis, P. (2021). International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

Hazard maps are used to communicate complex scientific data with many audiences during volcanic unrest crises, but it is unclear how common hazard visualisation styles affect cognition, behaviour, and decision-making. Here we use eye-gaze tracking and questionnaires to explore how 81 people near a volcano in New Zealand read and make decisions with hazard maps…

January 31, 2021

Physical mobility under stay-at-home orders: A comparative analysis of movement restrictions between the U.S. and Europe

Evans Authors: Dafeng Xu

Xu, D. (2021). Economics & Human Biology.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, both the U.S. and Europe have issued movement restrictions with the exception of visits to essential services, including groceries and pharmacies. The effects of movement restrictions on physical mobility in the U.S. and Europe are compared. Findings suggest that movement restrictions appear to be less effective in the U.S., which have…

December 31, 2020

Towards a Comparative Framework of Adaptive Planning and Anticipatory Action Regimes in Chile, Japan, and the US

Evans Authors: Ann Bostrom

Kuriyama, N., Maly, E., León, J., Abramson, D., Nguyen, L. T., & Bostrom, A. (2020), Journal of Disaster Research.

Coastal regions around the Pacific Ring of Fire share the risk of massive earthquakes and tsunamis. Along with their own political-economic, cultural and biophysical contexts, each region has their own history and experiences of tsunami disasters. Based on a comparison of earthquake and tsunami hazards, social factors, and the roles of government, this paper outlines…

September 30, 2020

Wildfire Potential with Climate, Land Use Planning, and Forest Management

Evans Authors: Alison C. Cullen

Cullen, A., Axe, T., & Podschwit, H. (2020). International Journal of Wildland Fire.

After another historic wildfire season, the research aims to address two central questions: (1) How will climate change alter future patterns of wildfire, particularly co-occurring megafires? (2) What implications does this hold for risk management decisions including fire suppression and prescribed burning? The research explores the interaction of wildfire potential with climate, land use planning…

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