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May 31, 2021

Nutritional Quality of Crops In A High CO2 World: An Agenda For Research And Technology Development

Evans Authors: C. Leigh Anderson

Ebi, K., Anderson, L., Hess, J. J., Kim, S., Loladze, I., Neumann, R. B., Singh, D., Ziska, L., & Wood, R. (2021). Environmental Research Letters.

In this study, researchers review the possible impacts of rising CO2 concentrations on human health, highlight uncertainties, and propose a research agenda to maintain the nutritional quality of C3 plants. We also synthesize options for addressing this critical challenge to nutritional safety and security.

February 28, 2021

What Motivates Local Sustainability Policy Action in China? The Case of Low-Carbon City Pilot Program

Evans Authors: Craig W. Thomas

Liu, Z., Wang, J. & Thomas, C. (2021). Urban Affairs Review.

An increasing volume of literature has sought to identify factors that motivate cities to pursue sustainability and adopt climate policies. However, most empirical studies were done in Western countries, where relatively high local autonomy and low pressure on industrial growth create conditions for spontaneous policy innovations in sustainability. This paper uses China’s Low-Carbon City Pilot Program…

December 31, 2020

Towards a Comparative Framework of Adaptive Planning and Anticipatory Action Regimes in Chile, Japan, and the US

Evans Authors: Ann Bostrom

Kuriyama, N., Maly, E., León, J., Abramson, D., Nguyen, L. T., & Bostrom, A. (2020), Journal of Disaster Research.

Coastal regions around the Pacific Ring of Fire share the risk of massive earthquakes and tsunamis. Along with their own political-economic, cultural and biophysical contexts, each region has their own history and experiences of tsunami disasters. Based on a comparison of earthquake and tsunami hazards, social factors, and the roles of government, this paper outlines…

September 30, 2020

Indiscriminate, Irrelevant, and Sometimes Wrong: Causal Misconceptions about Climate Change

Evans Authors: Ann Bostrom

With Fleming, W., Hayes, A. L., Crosman, K. M., & Bostrom, A. (2021). Risk Analysis.

Prior research demonstrates widespread persistence of beliefs about climate change, including believing that “environmental problems” such as pollution and ozone depletion causes climate change, and that natural climate variation significantly contributes to current climate trends, have the potential to weaken or divert support away from effective climate change risk mitigation policies. This paper explores the…

Wildfire Potential with Climate, Land Use Planning, and Forest Management

Evans Authors: Alison C. Cullen

Cullen, A., Axe, T., & Podschwit, H. (2020). International Journal of Wildland Fire.

After another historic wildfire season, the research aims to address two central questions: (1) How will climate change alter future patterns of wildfire, particularly co-occurring megafires? (2) What implications does this hold for risk management decisions including fire suppression and prescribed burning? The research explores the interaction of wildfire potential with climate, land use planning…

January 15, 2020

Native American tribal governments, cross-sectoral climate policy, and the role of intertribal networks

Evans, L., Dolsak, N., Plog, M., & Prakaash, A. (2020). Climactic Change

Complex policy problems such as climate change that spill over multiple issue areas or jurisdictions often require new policy approaches because sectoral (or territorial) policies are not designed to tackle…

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