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June 30, 2021

Can transparency and accountability programs improve health? Experimental evidence from Indonesia and Tanzania.

Evans Authors: Stephen Kosack

Arkedis, J., Creighton, J., Dixit, A., Fung, A., Kosack, S., Levy, D., & Tolmit, C. (2021). World Development.

This study assesses the impact of a transparency and accountability program designed to improve maternal and newborn health outcomes in Indonesia and Tanzania. Co-designed with local partner organizations to be community-led and non-prescriptive, the program sought to encourage community participation to address local barriers in access to high quality care for pregnant women and infants.…

May 31, 2021

Nutritional Quality of Crops In A High CO2 World: An Agenda For Research And Technology Development

Evans Authors: C. Leigh Anderson

Ebi, K., Anderson, L., Hess, J. J., Kim, S., Loladze, I., Neumann, R. B., Singh, D., Ziska, L., & Wood, R. (2021). Environmental Research Letters.

In this study, researchers review the possible impacts of rising CO2 concentrations on human health, highlight uncertainties, and propose a research agenda to maintain the nutritional quality of C3 plants. We also synthesize options for addressing this critical challenge to nutritional safety and security.

April 30, 2021

Supplying the Pandemic Response: The Importance of Public Procurement

Evans Authors: Benjamin M. Brunjes

Abutabenjeh, S., Anguelov, L., Brunjes, B., Dimand, A., & Rodriguez-Pleza, E. (2021). Journal of Emergency Management.

The rapid global transmission of COVID-19 has demonstrated many weaknesses in government procurement of essential supplies. In the United States, these problems have been particularly evident, as systemic fragmentation through federalism has frustrated a coordinated response. Rather than working together, states and localities are competing over limited medical resources, while the federal government has not…

State Earned Income Tax Credits and Suicidal Behavior: A Repeated Cross-Sectional Study

Evans Authors: Heather D. Hill

Morgan, E.R., DeCou, C.R., Hill, H., Mooney, S., Rivara, F.P., and Rowhani-Rahbar, A. (2021). Preventative Medicine.

Suicide is an increasingly common cause of death in the United States and recent increases in suicide rates disproportionately impact low-income individuals. This study sought to assess the impact of income support in the form of state earned income tax credit policies on suicide-related behaviors.

January 31, 2021

Physical mobility under stay-at-home orders: A comparative analysis of movement restrictions between the U.S. and Europe

Evans Authors: Dafeng Xu

Xu, D. (2021). Economics & Human Biology.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, both the U.S. and Europe have issued movement restrictions with the exception of visits to essential services, including groceries and pharmacies. The effects of movement restrictions on physical mobility in the U.S. and Europe are compared. Findings suggest that movement restrictions appear to be less effective in the U.S., which have…

November 30, 2020

Local Impacts of a Global Crisis: How Washington State Nonprofits are Responding to COVID-19

Barnhart, E. M., Gugerty, M. K., Finchum-Mason, E.A., & Husted, K.

This report confirms what those working for nonprofits already knew: Nonprofits are being asked to do more and more with less and less. Funding is down 30% and volunteerism is down 30-50%. Yet the need for, and dependence on, nonprofits continues to grow. This trend must be reversed in short order if nonprofits are going…

Invisible Wounds: Local Gun Homicides and Adolescents’ Mental Health and Behavioral Outcomes

Evans Authors: Heather D. Hill

Leibbrand, C., Hill, H. D., Rowhani-Rahbar, A., & Rivara, F. (2020). SSM - Population Health.

Prior research has illustrated the importance of some types of local community crime for adolescents’ outcomes. However, we have little knowledge about the extent to which gun homicides within adolescents’ neighborhoods affect their mental health and behavioral outcomes. This study, led by Dr. Christine Leibbrand, Research Scientist at the UW Center for Studies in Demography…

August 31, 2020

Disease Surveillance Investments and Administration: Limits to Information Value in Pakistan Polio Eradication

Evans Authors: Alison C. Cullen

With Scott, R. P., Cullen, A. C., & Chabot-Couture, G. (2020). Risk Analysis an International Journal.

In Pakistan, annual poliovirus investment decisions drive quantities of supplemental immunization campaigns districts receive. In this article, we assess whether increased spending on poliovirus surveillance is associated with greater likelihood of correctly identifying districts at high risk of polio with assignment of an elevated “risk ranking.”

July 31, 2020

State earned income tax credits and general health indicators: A quasi-experimental national study 1993-2016

Evans Authors: Heather D. Hill

With Morgan, E. R., Hill, H. D., Mooney, S., Rivara, F.P., & Rowhani-Rahbar, A. (2020). Health Services Research.

Earned Income Tax Credit is known to promote employment and is largest anti-poverty program for working-age Americans. This study seeks to assess the relationship between the presence and generosity of state-level Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) and multiple self-reported measures of general health.

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