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July 15, 2021

Women and Men Municipal Managers Doing and Undoing Gender

Evans Authors: Sebawit (Seba) Bishu

Bishu, S., & Heckler, N. (2020). Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.

Drawing on the literature from critical gender studies and feminist critiques of bureaucracy, we explore the demands for gender work created when women occupy traditionally masculine roles in municipal government…

April 30, 2021

Dean’s Forum on Race & Public Policy: Leading and Managing Anti-Racist Organizations

Evans School Events

Grounded in the Evans School’s purpose to inspire public service and democratize public policy, this convening focuses on ways to lead and manage anti-racist organizations, so that we can dismantle the historical legacies in the United States of policy reflecting racial assuptions and perpetuating inequities.

January 15, 2020

Native American tribal governments, cross-sectoral climate policy, and the role of intertribal networks

Evans Authors: Laura Evans

Evans, L., Dolsak, N., Plog, M., & Prakaash, A. (2020). Climactic Change

Complex policy problems such as climate change that spill over multiple issue areas or jurisdictions often require new policy approaches because sectoral (or territorial) policies are not designed to tackle…

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