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October 15, 2021

Discourses of evaluation: Institutional logics and organizational practices among international development agencies

Evans Authors: Mary Kay Gugerty

Gugerty, M.K., Mitchell, G., & Santamarina, F. (2021). World Development.

For several decades, the aid effectiveness movement has called for more robust, informed and independent impact evaluation of aid activities, but the prevalence and adoption of these practices remain unclear….

June 30, 2021

Can transparency and accountability programs improve health? Experimental evidence from Indonesia and Tanzania.

Evans Authors: Stephen Kosack

Arkedis, J., Creighton, J., Dixit, A., Fung, A., Kosack, S., Levy, D., & Tolmit, C. (2021). World Development.

This study assesses the impact of a transparency and accountability program designed to improve maternal and newborn health outcomes in Indonesia and Tanzania. Co-designed with local partner organizations to be community-led and non-prescriptive, the program sought to encourage community participation to address local barriers in access to high quality care for pregnant women and infants.…

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