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November 30, 2020

Invisible Wounds: Local Gun Homicides and Adolescents’ Mental Health and Behavioral Outcomes

Evans Authors: Heather D. Hill

Leibbrand, C., Hill, H. D., Rowhani-Rahbar, A., & Rivara, F. (2020). SSM - Population Health.

Prior research has illustrated the importance of some types of local community crime for adolescents’ outcomes. However, we have little knowledge about the extent to which gun homicides within adolescents’ neighborhoods affect their mental health and behavioral outcomes. This study, led by Dr. Christine Leibbrand, Research Scientist at the UW Center for Studies in Demography…

Identifying Ethnic Occupational Segregation

Evans Authors: Dafeng Xu

Xu, D., & Zhang, Y. (2020). Journal of Population Economics.

Many studies consider occupational segregation among the immigrant population from a given birth country, which ignores potential ethnic heterogeneity within an immigrant population and may underestimate occupational segregation. Employing a machine learning method, the authors identify ethnic origins among Russian-born immigrants in the early twentieth century USA—then a major immigrant population with a high degree…

November 15, 2020

Navigating the Monetary Sanctions Maze: Understanding and Confusion Among Criminal Legal Debtors

Evans Authors: Karin D. Martin

Spencer-Suarez, K. & Martin, K. (2020). Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice.

Monetary sanctions in the criminal legal system are legally and procedurally complex. If not paid in a timely manner, a single conviction can result in multiple legal financial obligations, varying…

July 31, 2020

State Earned Income Tax Credit policies and intimate partner homicide in the USA, 1990–2016

Evans Authors: Heather D. Hill

Moe, C. A., Adhia, A., Mooney, S. J., Hill, H. D., Rivara, F. P., & Rowhani-Rahbar, A. (2020). Injury Prevention.

Economic insecurity is a risk factor for intimate partner homicide (IPH). The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is the largest cash transfer programme to low-income working families in the USA. We hypothesised that EITCs could provide financial means for potential IPH victims to exit abusive relationships and establish self-sufficiency. We found no statistically significant association…

June 30, 2019

The Effect of Advanced Placement Science on Students’ Skills, Confidence, and Stress

Conger, D., Kennedy, A., Long, M., & McGhee, Jr., R. (2021). The Journal of Human Resources.

The AP program has been widely adopted by secondary schools, yet the evidence on the impacts of taking AP courses has been entirely observational. This study reports results from the first experimental study of AP, focusing on whether AP endows students with greater human capital than other regular and honors courses.

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