Evans School offers remote desktop connection for faculty, staff and students to computers in the building. This procedure is similar to connecting to the Terminal Server, but not identical. 

This procedure consists of two steps: 1) Downloading and using Husky OnNet and 2) Connecting to the desktop.

Downloading and Using Husky OnNet

If you're not on campus or not connected to the UW ethernet or Wifi, you will need to launch Husky OnNet before connecting to the desktop.

Instructions for Husky OnNet can be found here: https://evans.uw.edu/instructions-husky-onnet

Connecting to the Desktop

On Windows

1. Navigate to the Start menu and type "mstsc", click enter. This should launch the Remote Desktop Connection prompt window.


2. Once prompted by the window, enter your computer name into this format: ES-USERNAME.clients.uw.edu

Then click "Connect"

Below is an example with a user with the username "pbafhelp":

You should be able to use your desktop remotely. If an error comes up saying "computer cannot be found", there's a chance your computer is not on; contact Evans IT including the error message.

On Macintosh

See if Microsoft Remote Desktop is installted on your Mac. If not, you can download it from here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/microsoft-remote-desktop/id715768417?mt=12

Launch Microsoft Remote Desktop and you'll see this window:

Click "New" on the top left of this window to add your computer. Another window will pop up. Enter your computer name in this format into the "PC name" field: es-username.clients.uw.edu

Here is an example for a user with the username "pbafhelp", I also named it "Computer at Evans", but you can name it however you like:

When finish, close this window. You should now see your new computer listed. Double click it to connect.

You will be prompted to verify a certificate when connected the first time, just click "Continue".

If you're unable to connect, contact Evans Help including the error message shown.