Vision: A SIG where Evan’s students can interact with experts and fellow students to explore the intersection of science and policy.

Mission: To create an environment and produce resources for students to help them meet experts in the field of science and technology policy, explore these issues in depth, and find ways to become involved.


Science & Technology SIG is a student interest group at the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance. We bring together a diverse group of students to discuss topics relevant to the Science & Technology Policy space. All students, be they first year, second year, executive, or Ph.D., are welcome.


The Science & Technology SIG has a number of goals, both short term and long term:

  • Discussion and exchange of ideas in the science and technology fields

  • Connecting students and faculty with relevant professional and research interests

  • Working to re-prioritize science and technology courses within the Evans School

  • Connecting students with professionals in the areas in which they hope to work.


Some of the areas of interest represented in this group include, but are not limited to:

  • Biotechnology & Bioethics

  • Information Technology

  • Space & Aerospace

  • Innovation

  • Climate Change

  • Renewable Energy & Alternative Fuels

  • STEM Education

2018-19 Leadership

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