This form should be submitted to Student Services anytime a Student Interest Group (SIG) is planning a school event on campus regardless of funding source. It is particularly important that the form is submitted at a minimum three weeks in advance when SIGs are requesting to use Evans School space or need the school’s approval for a banquet permit to serve alcohol. Failure to submit this form may cause a delay in the approval process. 
The purpose of the funds allocated by the Evans School and the Evans Student Organization (ESO) to the SIGs is to provide support for hosting panel discussions, individual speakers, debates, and presentations to further or complement their education and that are open to all students regardless of SIG affiliation. This is the only Evans School support available to student groups. There is no additional funding from the Dean or the Dean’s Office outside of this pool of funds.

The Process

  1. SIG leaders should complete this form as early as possible with a minimum of three weeks leeway. This applies to any event that is being supported by the Evans School in any way (space, funds, name, etc.). Using the Evans School’s name and/or funds on an event is a representation of the Evans School and as such, needs to be vetted and approved. School activities are intended for the Evans School community as a whole rather than a narrow or specific population.
  2. The event will be reviewed by Evans School staff to ensure there are no major conflicts or possible issues that might not have been identified by the SIG.
  3. Upon approval by the Evans School, the SIG will be required to register the event on the Evans School events calendar. This is a student responsibility and should not be done by Evans School staff. If funds were requested to reserve a room outside of Parrington (SIGs are not charged a rental fee for the Forum/Commons), the SIG will receive a budget number to use with their event approval notification. If a banquet permit is required, the SIG will submit the request to Director of Finance and Administration Kelly Campbell only after the event has been approved.

Planning Considerations

Before submitting your request, students should ask themselves the following questions: 

  • Did I check the Evans School events calendar to make sure that my proposed event will not conflict with another event?
  • Did I make sure the event meets the basic criteria for funding?
  • Have I submitted my funding request at least three weeks prior to the event?
  • Are there any other events similar to mine with which I might be able to partner?

Contacting Specific High-Profile Individuals/Groups

The Evans School and UW put great energy into developing and maintaining relationships with specific groups and individuals for the good of the school and the university. You must receive prior permission from the Dean’s Office before contacting any of the following types of individuals regarding attendance at or participation in an event:

  • University of Washington president or vice presidents, provost or vice provosts, and deans from other schools/colleges
  • Elected officials
  • Individuals running for elected office and/or representatives from their campaigns
  • Representatives from campaigns for or against ballot initiatives
  • Evans School or UW alumni
  • Evans School or UW donors
  • Faculty or staff from any unit of the UW to serve as moderators

It should never be assumed that the Dean or anyone else can moderate an event without prior confirmation. If you are interested in the possibility of inviting any individuals or groups from the above list, please contact Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Carrie Evans at

Once your event has been approved for funding, you must register it on the Evans School events calendar.