Core courses

Core courses at the Evans School are designed for Evans School MPA students. Once the first week of classes have started and all Evans School students have secured a spot, then faculty may consider graduate students from other UW departments on a space-available basis. 

Each Evans School MPA student will be permitted to join one wait list for each Evans School core course. For core courses, all students need to register for a section of the course with space availability. The wait list is to be used only to express preference for a particular class section, if spaces become available. We cannot guarantee students will able to move into their preferred section.

Between the first day of Priority Registration Period 1 and the date the waiting list is opened, we recommend that students sign up to receive seat notifications through MyPlan’s Notify.UW. If a spot becomes available in the desired section during that time, students will be able to register without an add code. Once the wait list opens, add codes will be required to shift between core course sections.

Current Wait Lists, for Evans School MPA students only:

Core Course Wait Lists for Autumn 2019 are now closed. All students who requested a change should have received an email confirming whether their request(s) could be accommodated by August 2, 2019. 

If you did not receive an email response or have any questions, please contact Julianne Slate, Academic Services Program Coordinator, at

Non-core courses

For all non-core courses, the Evans School does not maintain wait lists. If a student is unable to register for a course that he or she is looking to get into during the quarter, the student should continue to monitor the time schedule page to see if any spaces open. If no spaces open and the student is still unable to register for the course at the start of the quarter, then he or she should attend the first day of class to see if there is sufficient room or if the professor is willing to admit additional students in the course. Additional students will be admitted at the discretion of the instructor on the first or second day if he or she deems there is sufficient space in the classroom to allow for a productive learning environment.

Students can monitor the enrollment of a course by clicking on the enrollment summary page of the UW Time Schedule web site. The main time schedule web site only provides information that updates daily. However, the enrollment summary (in the upper right corner of the time schedule page) provides the most current information on enrollment, so that if a space opened up in a course it would almost immediately report that information.

Tuition-exempt students will not be able to receive priority in registration. All tuition paying students will be admitted to the class prior to tuition-exempt students being admitted.

For all other registration issues, please submit your questions to