September 12, 2019

Evans School Advisory Board Member Justice Bobbe Bridge Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Next month, Evans School Advisory Board Member and long-time Evans School supporter Justice Bobbe J. Bridge (ret.) will be honored for her years of youth advocacy with Crosscut’s 2019 David Brewster Lifetime Achievement Awards.  The Crosscut Courage Awards honor leaders who have reached across political, social, cultural or ideological lines to build bridges and common ground.

As explained by Crosscut News, “Retired Washington state Supreme Court Justice Bobbe Bridge was in graduate school studying political science in the late 1960s when she began to understand just how unfairly teens were treated in the juvenile justice system. Those under 18 had few rights and no formal representation. Most were presumed guilty even before their cases were heard, sending them through a revolving door of incarceration, the mental health system, and homelessness. Children of color fared even worse.

“’I got a real sense of the haves and the have-nots,” Bridge said. “Kids were at the bottom of the chutes. They were treated like pieces of property.’”

The Honorable Bobbe Bridge was appointed to the Washington State Supreme Court by Governor Locke in 1999. She was elected in 2000 and again in 2002. Justice Bridge is the Founding President and CEO of the Center for Children and Youth Justice. The Center was established in February 2006 by Justice Bridge and her husband, Jon. The Center helps parents, advocates, judges, legislators, service providers, policymakers, and professionals to shape a brighter future for youth involved in Washington’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems by sponsoring research, targeting grant funding toward evidence-based programs, developing partnerships, and providing training and education.

Bridge serves on numerous community and public agency boards, including the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance Advisory Board.

Thank you, Justice Bridge for your advocacy in support of the Evans School, and for a lifetime of service in support of the public good. Congratulations!