This crisis has deeply affected all members of the Evans School community, but it has also revealed the enormous strength at our core. Below are a series of quick links, resources, and information in support of Evans School students’ academic experience, job hunt, and general wellbeing.

Evans School staff will update this page as new information is available. If there is a key resource missing that you’d like to be included, please file a ticket.

During King County Phase 2, Parrington Hall is locked but available to faculty and staff who need a connected, quiet space to work.

For Faculty, Staff, Post-Docs and PhD students:

  1. Email Jodi Sandfort ( for approval to work on-site in Parrington.  Include in your email the specific purpose for which on-site work is necessary.
  2. If/when approved, complete the UW’s required online COVID-19 Safety Training (takes about 30 minutes).
  3. Forward the confirmation from that training to Jen Hallmon (, who will send you dates/times to attend a required Parrington-specific safety training.
  4. Attend the required Parrington-specific safety training.
  5. Complete the Workday attestation on any day you go into Parrington.
  6. If in a shared office, please coordinate with your officemates for any days you plan to visit Parrington.  More information on the SharePoint Home Page regarding how to reserve a team-room if that is your preference (rather than working in your private or shared office).

For MPA and EMPA students:

Guidance will be forthcoming, in mid-to-late October, about how to request access for limited use of Parrington Hall in the latter half of Autumn Quarter 2020.

Technology Hardware Loans

If students are unable to participate in coursework or other activities required by Evans School programs due to inadequate personal hardware (computers, monitors, other peripherals), they may submit a request to borrow Evans School hardware.

Please let your instructor know about your hardware challenges and have them (the instructor) send a request to so we can work out logistics on making hardware available to you. The Evans School has a limited supply and each case will require some logistical planning in order to maintain social distancing to transfer hardware safely, so your patience is most appreciated!