March 25, 2019

Evans School launches Global Master of Public Administration for international public service leaders

The Global Master of Public Administration – a new, international dual-degree program launched by the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Policy & Governance – gives students a unique lens for developing and implementing cross-sector solutions in a global policy environment.

Offered jointly with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Victoria University of Wellington, and Tsinghua University, the Evans School Global MPA prepares students to thrive in public sector organizations that work across borders.

“We are proud to offer this international, dual-degree program to tomorrow’s public policy leaders,” said Evans School Professor and Dean Sandra Archibald. “By grounding students in the strength of our core curriculum and leveraging the specializations of our partners, students will receive theory and practical instruction from industry experts who are at the leading-edge of policy innovation worldwide.”

Students will spend their first year, plus one summer, at the Evans School completing a comprehensive core curriculum alongside all other first-year MPA students. Students then spend their second year studying a range of core, electives and specializations with one of the Evans School’s partner institutions. Upon successful completion of the program, students graduate with two master’s degrees within two years.

Partner institutions have a variety of degree programs to choose from: a Master of Public Policy, a Master of Public Management, a Master of E-Government, or an MPA focused on big data and global governance.

 “We hope this degree program is the first step in developing partnerships with institutions worldwide that will allow our students to develop intercultural competencies and gain diverse experience with global and local policy challenges,” highlighted Associate Professor and Director of International Executive Education Scott Fritzen. “Our goal is to prepare students to deliver effective and sustainable solutions to unprecedented global challenges.” 

Interested in being part of the next extraordinary cohort of international leaders? Learn more here.