Leadership Development for Emerging Financial Leaders

Skilled financial technicians who can think strategically and lead people are invaluable. The goal of the Public Financial Leadership Academy (PFLA) is to develop the next generation of financial leaders for public organizations, who are equipped with the unique blend of technical financial skills, strategic thinking, and management. PFLA is designed for both emerging and established financial leaders in public organizations.

By the end of this course, participants will learn:

  • Analytical tools-- Strategies to better understand the stakeholder environment and evaluate what role financial leaders can, or ought to play, in policy debates and partnership development.
  • Coaching skills-- Core principles of coaching, mentoring and developing the capacity of financial staff.
  • Theories of adaptive leadership-- How to use theories to develop a unique approach to financial leadership.
  • Effective communication for financial leaders--Strategies to more effectively engage citizens and other external stakeholders.
  • Effective performance management--How to improve public value and transform resources into results that matter.


Instructors will provide informative lectures and lead interactive discussions to help participants develop their knowledge and skills in financial leadership. In addition to the instructional team, participants will gain knowledge and insights shared by expert practitioners.

Who Should Apply

Selection for the Public Financial Leadership Academy is based upon professional experience, commitment to the course goals, and leadership ability. The Academy has space available to admit 30–35 financial leaders from local and regional public sector agencies. Eligible applicants include:

  • Financial staff—budget analysts, staff accountants, capital projects staff, others—who have shown the potential for a larger leadership role
  • General managers—management analysts, assistants to the manager/administrator, program staff, compliance officers, and others—whose roles incorporate financial management
  • City managers/administrators or other executives, who want to broaden their network, skills, and abilities in financial management


For more information about PFLA, contact us at cascade@uw.edu or 206.685.0523.