Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute
March 19-24, 2017


Cascade Courses

Because it is no longer enough to supplement an undergraduate education with on-the-job experience, government and nonprofit employees attend Cascade courses for continued learning and leadership growth. Course materials are drawn from the best resources available, and our instructors are experts in their fields who combine teaching excellence with practical work experience.

Benefits of Cascade courses include:

  • A full-day intensive format, providing the opportunity to focus, master the materials, and gain perspective on your own work environment and managerial issues
  • Case studies and expert panelists talking about local, state, and national examples of actual management situations
  • An interactive and participatory learning environment with role-playing activities, individual and group presentations, and video feedback
  • Relevant and timely course materials addressing the reality of today’s nonprofit and public sectors
  • A diversity of agency and individual perspectives when exchanging ideas in the classroom and networking

Don’t see the course topic you are looking for? Contact us for updates about the next time we will offer the course, or consider partnering with us to develop a customized course.