Below you will find the procedures for hiring staff, assistants, and contractors at the Evans School. If you have any additional questions please contact Michelle Birdsall.

Faculty Hiring Procedures

For information on faculty searches, appointments, and more, visit the Faculty Resources page.

Intern & Volunteer Guidelines

Definition of an Internship
An internship is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work experience related to a student’s field of study or career interest. Internships allow students to apply principles and theory learned in the classroom in a professional environment.  Through an internship students are provided an opportunity for career exploration and development as well as a chance to learn new skills.

Internship Guidelines

  • For Evans School MPA students seeking an internship opportunity with an Evans School faculty member or staff, the student should inquire with the Evans School’s Career Development team about whether or not the opportunity would be appropriate to count towards fulfilment of the MPA program’s internship requirement.
  • The Evans School does not grant credit for internships, for either Evans School or non-Evans School students.
  • For non-Evans School students seeking to earn credit through their own academic unit or institution, the student must consult with their own academic unit or institution, prior to the start of an internship, about whether that is possible and what the stipulations may be.  The Evans School will provide any information requested by the academic unit so that a determination can be made about what kind of academic credit might apply.
  • Internships at the Evans School may be paid or unpaid, dependent upon funding availability.
  • Supervision and mentorship will be provided during an internship to maximize the intern’s learning experience by offering guidance and identifying developmental opportunities that strengthen and enhance the intern’s skills, strengths and performance.
  • Internships may be terminated by the Evans School at any time without prior notice.


Definition of Volunteer

Volunteers may serve at the Evans School with supervision and under the following circumstances that define a “volunteer” under state and federal law:

  • Volunteer service is unpaid, with no coercion or pressure to serve.
  • Volunteers should have no expectation of receiving pay or other tangible benefits including future positions at the Evans School or the University.
  • Volunteers may be reimbursed for actual expenses necessarily incurred in performing his or her assigned or authorized duties, but may not receive additional compensation including a stipend
  • Volunteer service does not displace a current or previous paid position and is not substantially the same as a paid position.
  • The volunteer does not currently and did not previously hold paid employment performing the same tasks. 

Volunteer Guidelines

  • Volunteer service should not displace work performed by University employees or be used to circumvent the established processes that govern University hiring.
  • Volunteers are not employees of the University and their volunteer service is not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or Washington wage and hour laws. 
  • Volunteers are covered by the University’s workers compensation insurance policy and anyone who supervises volunteers is required to track the dates and hours of volunteer service to ensure coverage.
  • Volunteer status may not be used as a way to avoid or defer compliance with the employment eligibility requirements of federal immigration laws, including allowing an individual to volunteer in situations where they are not authorized to work.
  • The Evans School may not engage an individual for volunteer service if he or she was terminated from University employment, resigned in lieu of termination or separated from University employment under an agreement or circumstances that prohibit future employment at the University. 

The supervisor and the intern/volunteer must complete the Service Agreement Form and provide to the Director, Finance and Administration.

Intership Volunteer Service Agreement Form

Any questions should be directed to the Director, Finance and Administration or the Human Resources Manager.

Staff Hiring Procedures

Effective August 23, 2004

Work with Michelle Birdsall to determine the size and composition of your unit or work group.

The selection committee meets to decide on selection criteria. Provide each committee member written selection criteria and provide a copy to Michelle for the recruitment file. Committee members independently review all resumes using this criteria as a guide and submit in writing their ranked list. Please send copies of all lists to Michelle for the recruitment file.

The selection committee will agree on who to interview based on the ranked list.

Interviews are conducted – the same interview questions must be asked of all candidates. Additional questions about a candidate’s resume, specific experience, education, skill set, or follow up questions are allowed and encouraged.

Establish your budget amount for the position approved by the Assistant Dean of Finance and/or the Dean.

References will be checked by senior staff of the Center or work group and written documentation of the check will be provided to Michelle for the recruitment and/or personnel file. The Dean may request that senior staff outside the unit check references at her/his discretion. Please make sure the candidates have signed the Reference Checking Consent Authorization form (13 KB PDF).

For administrative and/or fiscal positions and professional staff positions grade nine or below, when the selection committee has selected the final two candidates, Kelly Campbell will meet with the final two candidates and give her input to the hiring manager before the final decision is made.

When the final candidate has been selected, but before an offer has been made, let Michelle know who the finalist is and how much you would like to offer him/her.  Michelle will review with Kelly Campbell, for Evans School equity, and Human Resources. The approvals usually are obtained within a day and an offer can be made at that time.

If the candidate wants to negotiate the starting salary, please contact Michelle; HR has to approve all offers before they can be extended.

Once you have an acceptance and a start date, please let Michelle know. Michelle will contact the person about UW email, etc.

Once the hiring process is complete, collect all resumes, notes, etc. in a folder and forward to Michelle for filing.

Find out more about other staff human resources policies and procedures.

RA/TA/GA Hiring Policy

You will need to put your job description into the posting template:

When that is complete, please send the word attachment to Michelle Birdsall. Specify the number of hours per week the student will be expected to work.

Additionally, if the student will be working 20 hours/week, they will receive a tuition waiver and the Graduate Appointee insurance. If you include that information, when applicable, that should reduce student questions and make your position look more attractive.

The union requires that positions can only be advertised for one week, and the selection must be made after an additional week. If you haven't filled the position within two weeks of the initial posting, you need to notify Michelle because she will have to post it on the central human resources employment website.

Once you have selected student, please send Michelle the student's name and email so she can send the student an official appointment letter. In order to meet the notification deadlines in the union contract, she needs to know your selection within two weeks of the posting date.  

If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Birdsall at

Personal Service Contracts/Independent Contractors

A Personal Services Contract (PSC) is an agreement between an independent contractor and the University of Washington (UW) for outside services such as curriculum development, graphic design, management consulting, marketing services, organizational assessment, quality assurance, scientific studies, translation services, statistical analysis, strategic planning, survey services, and video production, to name a few. The procedure for hiring contractors is mandated by Washington State (State). A contractor cannot work as an employee of the State and is not eligible for contracting if he/she worked for the UW or State within the previous 12 months, providing the same or similar service.

The first step in hiring an independent contractor is to determine whether the individual performing services will be classified as an employee of the University of Washington or as an independent contractor for federal, state and FICA tax purposes. For this determination, please complete the Independent Contractor Status Verification questionnaire. If you need work performed and do not have a contractor in mind, your Evans School Budget Manager can help you find one. There can be many steps to the contracting process, which can involve UW Procurement Services Staff, potential contractors, and Evans Fiscal Staff. As such, it’s important to note this process, from start to finish, can take several weeks to months.

Prior to beginning work with a contractor, submit the scope of work to Evans School Fiscal Staff to ensure that State contracting requirements are being followed. Below is an outline of specific requirements:

  1. The Evans School employee requesting a PSC shall prepare a scope of work (SOW), complete a Purchase Reimbursement Form and submit the request to Finance and Administration for review.

    Some Personal Service Contracts that involve a single payment to an individual for less than $10,000 may be paid via “Payment to Individual.” This is a quicker and easier payment method; Evans Fiscal Staff will let you know if this is a possibility based on the details of the SOW.
  2. If “Payment to Individual” isn’t a payment possibility, and the contractor isn’t currently registered on the UW Vendor Database, Evans School Fiscal Staff will ask the contractor to complete an online Supplier Registration form and create a Paymode account. In addition, the contractor will be contacted by the UW Procurement Services Department about registering on the Ariba Transacting Network. Once the contractor completes all tasks associated with these steps, requests for payment can be processed. NOTE: this process can take two to six weeks.
  3. For contracts exceeding the direct buy limit of $10,000, the State requires that contractor selection be based on competitive bids. Competitive bidding is not necessary in the following instances:
    1. Purchases from an organization that has a contract with the State for goods and services.
    2. Purchases involving special services where the purchase price may be best established by direct negotiation.
    3. Purchases which are clearly and legitimately limited to a single (sole) source of supply. (See Sole Source Justifications for additional details and samples.)
    4. If the contractor is specifically written into a grant or contract.

An Evans School employee will need to verify that work was performed and approve all invoices for payment prior to processing. The UW will pay contractors with a credit card or via direct deposit (depending on the contractor’s preference). Payments are typically issued by UW Procurement Services within two weeks of receiving all necessary documents.

Forms, invoices, and other documentation related to PSC’s can be brought to Parrington Hall, room 303, or left in the Finance and Administration mailbox in the Dean’s Office (Parrington Hall, room 208). If there are no original (paper) documents, please email the forms and documentation to Evans School Fiscal Staff.


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