Regular hours for Condon Hall:

Monday-Thursday: 7am - 7pm
Friday: 7am - 5pm
Weekends: Closed

Reporting Facility Problems

To report facility issues in your office:

You may submit a UW Facility Services work request directly at FS Works. From this link, you may submit new requests, or check on existing ones. When submitting new requests, check the “Add a contact person” box, and add Tamar Puckett, Associate Director Finance & Administration,, 616-1621. Your request shouldn’t require payment, so a budget number won’t be necessary (you may submit the ticket without a budget number). 

To report facility issues in common areas, such as bathrooms, hallways and classrooms:

Please send a request to the Evans School Dean's Suite at with the following information:

  • Room number or hallway that needs attention
  • Description of problem

For emergencies, please call 206.543.6386 or visit the Dean's Suite in Condon Hall (Room 310).

Building Access & Keys

Staff, Faculty, and Students may be granted after-hours access to the building by visiting the Evans Help Desk in Condon Hall and having your Husky Card authorized to access the building.

Keys for individual offices and suites in Condon are available by contacting the Evans School Dean's Suite at You will need to pay a $6.50 deposit per key issued. Exact change required.

Lost and Found: Student Services maintains the building’s lost and found. If you've lost something, please stop by Student Services (Condon Room 413) or contact Marianne Kim at or 206-543-4900.

Flyer Policy

In order to maintain a professional, clean appearance and provide the most relevant information to the Evans School community, the following policy must be adhered to for posting flyers:

  • Must be Evans School-related.
  • Must be information about something that enhances the students’ experience, e.g. new course offering, internship opportunity, events, information sessions. 
  • Information cannot be derogatory in nature. 
  • Must be reviewed, approved, and posted by the front desk staff in either Student Services (Condon Room 413) or Dean’s Office (Condon Room 310).  Approval signified by stamp. 
  • Flyers are placed on designated Evans School bulletin boards with push pins/tacks. 

Note: all other flyers/notices posted elsewhere will be removed.  


University of Washington faculty, staff, and students are not allowed to use guest parking permits. Transportation expenses for your daily commute (between official residence and official duty station or teleworking site) is a personal obligation whether or not it is a normal scheduled work day. These expenses are not permitted or reimbursable. To obtain a student or employee parking permit, contact UW Commuter Services.

To request parking permits for guests, submit a Guest Parking Request Form. The Evans School Finance and Administration team will follow up by either issuing a Validation Coupon (for on-campus parking) or Arranged Parking (for off-campus parking) for your guest. Note: Validation Coupons are issued up to 5 at a time and up to 1 month in advance.

The guest parking permit is assigned for the specific visit indicated in your request and should not be used for any other visits. If you need to update your request or have any other questions, please contact the Evans School Finance and Administration team at

Learn more about using validation coupons

Information Regarding Office Moves

UPDATED: 07-18-2007
Document Number:    GEN-FY07-04

We are committed to providing space on an equitable basis within the bylaws of the school and to provide space that allows individuals to get their work done in a space that is adequate to their assigned tasks.  We are committed to providing ergonomic work stations and to locate people whenever possible close to the group or organizational unit. Space is reviewed on an annual basis and recommendations are submitted to the Dean by the Assistant Dean with input from the Associate Deans.  All space assignments with the exception of tenured or tenure-track faculty are annual. 

The Evans School assigns and manages the following types of space:

  • Faculty Offices
  • Staff Offices
  • Research Center Offices
  • Open Areas
  • Computer Lab Space
  • Conference and Meeting Rooms
  • Student Study Space
  • Ph.D. Space
  • Research Assistant Space
  • Collaborative Learning Lab Space

Faculty space assignments are made by the Dean of the Evans School or designee following these guidelines:

  • When tenured or tenure track offices become available, the Director of Finance & Administration will notify all tenured and tenure track faculty of the available office space.
  • The available space will be allocated on the basis of seniority among the interested faculty.  Seniority will be determined on the basis of rank first and then total time at the Evans School.
  • There may be times when the Dean may allocate available office space for other special reasons such as disability accommodations.
  • The normal expectation of the School is that faculty members should not be required to give up an office they presently possess.  In a rare case where the Dean believes such a move would be of benefit to the School, the Dean will negotiate with the faculty member and seek to arrive at a mutually acceptable set of conditions for the faculty member agreeing to move offices.
  • Tenured or tenure track faculty with 50% or less appointment will be provided shared office space with other joint appointment faculty.
  • The office space of faculty members on sabbatical leave for more than a quarter will be available for temporary assignment as determined by the Dean.
  • Research faculty with 100% appointments who do not have office space elsewhere will be assigned an office.
  • Principal Lecturers with full time teaching appointments will be provided an office space.
  • Part-time lecturers may be assigned shared office space.

Staff space assignments will be determined by the Dean or their designee following these guidelines:

  • Administrative staff with titles of Assistant Dean or Director shall whenever possible have a private office.
  • Space vacated between allocation periods due to resignations, terminations, retirements, or lay-off will be used for surge space until replacements are hired.
  • Other staff members are expected to work in shared space environments.
  • Space for personal service contractors or consultants will not be provided.

Annual Research Center space assignments will be determined by the Dean or their designee following these guidelines:

  • Incubating Research/Policy Centers will have identifiable locations within the building for staff for a period not to exceed five years.  It is expected that these centers will have secured adequate funding streams to rent off campus space in year six.
  • Research assistants hired by research centers will be assigned to shared research assistant space in Condon Hall and not housed within space assigned to the center.
  • Space assigned to research centers vacated due to resignations, terminations, retirements, or lay-off will be used for surge space and may be assigned to others.

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