Export control regulations apply to all activities, not just sponsored research, undertaken by University of Washington faculty, staff, students, and other persons at the University acting on behalf of the University.

The federal export control laws were designed to control access to certain U.S. items and information that are deemed sensitive to U.S. national security. These export control regulations require a license or other agency approval prior to the release of controlled technology, data, software, and information to foreign nationals within or outside the United States ("deemed export"). The regulations also control the shipment/mailing or other transmission of regulated items outside the United States.

Fortunately, most University information-sharing does not need export licensing due to special exclusions. However, the following activities do require a review for export compliance:

  • Export of tangible items outside the United States
  • Working with proprietary, restricted or classified information
  • Projects performed abroad by UW personnel
  • Furnishing defense services to a foreign person within the United States
  • Transacting with embargoed or sanctioned countries or parties

Please contact Sarah Guthu, Evans School Research Manager, at 206.543.3885 or guthu@uw.edu if you have any questions. More detailed information is available at Office of Sponsored Programs Export Control.

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