The Evans School refers to the University of Washington’s (UW) Food Approval policy to determine whether the purchase of meals and light refreshments are allowable and appropriate. In many cases, meal costs (including taxes and gratuity) are not to exceed the travel per diem limit. Prior to purchasing food or catering for Evans School events, we recommend that you seek guidance and approval from your budget manager in Finance and Research Services. A Food and Beverages for Meeting, Training Sessions, and Recognition Awards Ceremonies form  may be required. A conversation with your budget manager, in advance of the purchase, will determine whether the form is necessary. Never sign hotel or catering agreements (contracts). Evans Fiscal Staff will submit such agreements to a UW Procurement Services Buyer for review of terms and conditions.

Documentation for food and catering purchases and reimbursements should include the following

  • Title and brief description of the event
  • Purpose of the gathering
  • Social (such as hosting a campus visitor)
  • Meeting, training, workshop, or conference—the meal must be an integral part of event where the sole purpose is to disseminate technical information
  • If not open to the public, provide a list of participants and affiliations
  • Whether alcohol will be purchased
  • Itemized list of purchase
  • Catering folio or itemized receipt

Food and catering charges can be paid in several ways. If using the UW’s Housing and Food Services, the charges will be paid directly on an Evans School budget number (provided by your budget manager). Most other food and catering purchases are made with procards (see Purchasing and Reimbursements for details). Questions about food and catering should be directed to your budget manager or fiscal services at

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