The Evans School of Public Policy and Governance (Evans School) follows the Invoice Receivables policy set forth by Student Fiscal Services at the University of Washington.

  1. Current invoices (not yet overdue) are calculated 30 days from the invoice date. Invoices for courses or clinics are not considered past due until the course or clinic is complete. Payment is due prior to receiving goods or services unless prior arrangements have been made. Program staff may contact the individual and/or organization to inquire about payment status while invoices are still current.
  2. Past due notices are sent 31 days after the invoice due date by Finance and Research Services (hard copy and email). Any scholarships previously awarded are forfeited when the invoice becomes past due; past due invoices will include the amount previously covered by the scholarship. Interest accrual is required by state RCW 43.17.240. In addition, invoices will begin accruing interest at a rate of 1% per month at 31 days past due.
  3. Finance and Research Services staff send a second past due notice at 60 days (hard copy and email).
  4. At 90 days, Finance and Research Services will send (hard copy and email) and call the individual/organization requesting payment on the outstanding invoice.
  5. Invoices unpaid at 120 days past due will be referred to a collections agency. To avoid collections, payment schedules may be permitted on a case by case basis, but only if arranged prior to the 120 day deadline.

You may contact Finance and Research Services at with questions about invoicing or receivables at the Evans School.

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