Cell Phone Purchasing Policy

This policy establishes the extent to which the Evans School may approve reimbursement to an employee for the purchase price of a cell phone device. The Evans School will not subsidize monthly plans or data plans on its budgets.

The Evans School provides access to university-owned communication devices for all permanent employees (faculty and staff). Some administrative positions may require that the employee be readily available via cell phone throughout his or her work period and during non-work hours. If an employee’s position falls into any of the two categories listed below, the school may authorize reimbursement for the cost of a cell phone device:

  1. Employees with job responsibilities that require them to make or receive calls outside of their normal working hours;
  2. Employees who have an assigned office but who spend a significant amount of time away from that office and who need to make or receive calls during these periods.

Cell phone device reimbursements will be processed through the Finance and Research Services.

Policies and Procedures
Prior approval is required before cell phone device purchase. To obtain a cell phone device purchase reimbursement, the employee:

  1. Submits an email to the Director of Finance and Administration Kelly Campbell at kellyjc@uw.edu explaining how they fit into one or both of the above categories and the estimated cost of the desired device.
  2. The Director in consultation with the employee’s supervisor will make a recommendation to the Dean regarding the request.
  3. Upon approval from the Dean, the employee will receive written authorization to purchase a cell phone device.
  4. Submits copy of approval email, original receipts, and required Request for Reimbursement form to the Financial Services Office.

The employee may use the cell phone device for both business and personal purposes, as needed. The employee may, at his or her own expense, add extra services or equipment features, as desired. If there are problems with service, the faculty or staff member will need to work directly with the carrier for resolution.
Effective March 2010

Phone Request Procedure

To move your current phone line or acquire a new one, send an email to evansfiscalsupport@uw.edu.

To request a UW Alternative Toll Service (UWATS) card for long distance calling, send an email to Finance and Research Services at the above address.

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