This page details the process for making purchases and being reimbursed for purchases made on behalf of the Evans School.

  • Purchases should be made using a ProCard.
  • Reimbursements are for rare occasions when other procurement methods are not an option. Seeking reimbursement for UW purchases of goods made with personal funds should be done only as a last resort. 
    As with other procurement methods, you must have department approval prior to making a purchase.  It is not best practice for individuals to use their personal funds when making purchases related to UW business.
  • Invoice Receivables Policy set forth by Student Fiscal Services at the University of Washington
  • Purchases and expenses related to travel are not covered by these processes. Please direct yourself to the Evans School travel page for more details.
  • Never sign any contract for purchasing goods or services, regardless of amount. Evans Fiscal Staff  will submit such agreements to a UW Procurement Services Buyer for review of terms and conditions.


Purchase Reimbursement Form

Making Purchases with a ProCard

The ProCard is a Visa purchasing card and the preferred method of purchase at the University of Washington (UW). The ProCard is confined to UW business purchases only, and must never be used for personal expenditures or travel-related purchases.

ProCard users are required to abide by all state and UW statutes, rules, policies, and procedures. For reference, a training manual is available here and a list of unallowable ProCard purchases can be found here. If you are planning to use a ProCard, make sure the vendor accepts credit cards and the purchase is under $3,500. An exception to the $3,500 limit can be requested by the Evans School Fiscal Team, but must be done prior to the purchase. Never sign a contract or agreement, rather send them to the Evans School Fiscal Team to obtain an authorized signature. If you have not been issued a ProcCard and need to make a UW business purchase, click here.

All receipts should be retained and taped (on all four corners) to an 8 ½ x 11” sheet of paper (recycled/reused paper is fine). The receipt and any other supporting documents are then attached to a Purchase Reimbursement Form and given to the cardholder. Additional information is required for Food and Catering purchases. The cardholder reviews the purchase, signs the Purchase & Reimbursement Form, and reconciles the transaction online. All forms and documents are then routed to Finance and Administration for final accounting, approval, and retention. Consult the Evans School Fiscal Team in Parrington 303 or at in advance of the purchase if you have questions.

The Evans School has three types of ProCard users: individual cardholders, custodians, and designated users. There are a limited number of Individual cardholders at the Evans School. Individual cardholders are not permitted to share their cards with anyone. ProCard Custodians are permitted to share their cards with Evans School faculty, staff, and students (designated users) for business related purchases.

The Evans School ProCard custodians are:

Designated users needing to make a purchase may borrow a ProCard from a ProCard custodian. A ProCard Department Card Log (75 KB PDF), to check out and check in a ProCard and record the business purpose for each use, is required by the Office of Financial Management for Washington State (SAAM 45.10.70e). In addition, designated users must obtain pre-approval from the ProCard custodian for the purchase they wish to make and by signing the ProCard Department Card Log, agree to the following:

  • Only make the purchase approved by the ProCard custodian as stated on the ProCard Department Card Log.
  • Submit the original receipt along with other supporting documentation for each purchase over $75 and complete a Purchase & Reimbursement Form to the ProCard custodian as soon as possible.
  • Safeguard card security at all times.
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately to the ProCard Custodian or to Finance and Administration.
  • Regardless of cost, receipts must be provided for the following "high risk" transactions:
    • Food/Meal
    • PayPal
    • Fuel/Gas
    • Travel

Please note: In some circumstances, certain sponsors require receipts for specific or all expenses. If you are unclear about whether you need to submit a receipt, contact your budget manager.

Consult the Evans School Fiscal Team if you have questions. The Evans School Fiscal Team is located in Parrington Hall, room 303, and can be reached at

How to Get Reimbursed

Reimbursements are processed by Finance and Administration staff following University of Washington reimbursement guidelines.

When you complete a Purchase & Reimbursement Form, please make sure your descriptions are as detailed as possible. Receipts are required for purchases over $75. (Note: In some circumstances, certain sponsors require receipts for specific or all expenses. If you are unclear on whether you need to submit a receipt, contact your budget manager.)

If you are requesting reimbursement for food and catering purchases, provide a list of participants and an itemized receipt. See Food and Catering for additional details. Reimbursement forms and receipts can be brought to Parrington Hall room 303, left in our inbox in the Dean’s Office (Parrington 208), or mailed to us.

Your request cannot be processed until all receipts and documentation have been received and the request is approved. Once your request has been processed you will be contacted to sign documentation or to approve your request online. If you are an active employee in payroll with direct deposit, your reimbursement will be deposited directly into your account upon approval of your request—typically within three business days. Reimbursement checks for non-employees are mailed to the address indicated on the Reimbursement form. Questions about your reimbursement can be sent to the Evans School Fiscal Team at

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I lost my receipt?
For purchases under $75, receipts are not required.However, if you have one, please submit it.
For purchases over $75, please make every attempt to find lost receipts or request a duplicate copy from the vendor. If, after due diligence, you cannot get a receipt, complete a Petty Cash Perjury Statement (485 KB PDF). Document your attempts to locate the receipt, the name of the vendor, date of the purchase, a detailed description of the purchase and submit the statement along with your Reimbursement form.
UW no longer allows any reimbursement of a good/service over $75, without a receipt, on sponsored research. Perjury statements and credit card statements are no longer accepted in lieu of a receipt. Please note that even if your receipt is for an item under $75, some sponsored research programs require receipts for all purchases, regardless of cost. Please contact vendors for copies of missing receipts.
Is there a deadline for requesting reimbursement?
Receipts for goods and services must be submitted for reimbursement within 90 days of purchase. Requests for reimbursements after 90 days of purchase will be granted on a case-by-case basis only, with prior approval from the Director, Finance and Administration. Reimbursement requests submitted one year or more after the purchase is made will not be approved.
Can I be reimbursed if I used a personal gift card?
Yes, if the purchase was related to UW business.
Can multiple receipts go on one reimbursement form?
Yes, save valuable resources by consolidating your receipts onto one reimbursement request. Be sure to provide an explanation for each receipt in the documentation.
What do I do with the receipts?
Tape all four corners of the receipt to an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper and submit them with your request. You may use the front of the reimbursement form if there is blank space available.

Paying Individuals and Other Miscellaneous Purchasing

There are occasions when the University of Washington’s (UW) preferred purchasing methods, ProCards and eProcurement, are not the best option. There are other methods available to Finance and Administration staff to purchase goods and services. Some types of goods or services that may require alternative purchasing methods include:

  • Consultants—see Personal Services Contracts
  • Honoraria
  • Incentive Payments for Research Subjects
  • Paying an Individual (not an employee)
  • Subcontractors

Alternative purchasing methods may also be needed if the vendor does not accept credit cards, if the vendor requires a signed purchase order, or if the purchase is for a very large dollar amount. Complete the  Purchase Reimbursement Form for these types of purchases. Consult the Evans School Fiscal Team if you have questions. The Fiscal Team is located in Parrington 303 and can be reached at

Purchases and reimbursements at the Evans School are managed by Finance and Administration in Parrington Hall room 303. Activities related to purchasing and non-travel reimbursements are processed by the Evans School Fiscal Team at Forms related to purchasing and reimbursements can be found here.

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